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        the essence of the long tail theory, that is produced from less variety mass change to many varieties small batch production. Applied to explain the development of the Internet business, it can be considered as a commercial theory from Web1.0 to Web2.0.

The typical characteristics of the business model of Internet era is

look of the latest fashion trend, we can find that the technology of the 3G era, exactly with the business 2 era, formed to coincide in time. What does that mean?

It is verified that


what do I want to share with you? I agree with the views of the guests in front of me, and I disagree with them. They are a part of said is right, if the students in the University have been learning, not too much social experience, then you go directly to the business, certainly too blind.

May 15, 2014, IDG capital and venture capital jointly organized the IDG campus entrepreneurship competition preach ninth stops at Zhejiang University successfully concluded. The campus entrepreneurship competition for all undergraduate and graduate students, designed to tap the campus genius developers and technical geeks. The original traditional search later leather own life into the Internet the Internet hunting kocho CEO SIM with his eight years of business experience, dare to think business people are "not obedient", is to dare to shoot first aimed at "silly bold".

Internet hunting kocho CEO SIM

I graduated from University, and now, I have done an industry, a job, is headhunting. My entrepreneurial experience allows you to start business when there is a reference – – there are shortcuts to life. Entrepreneurship to find partners, to be good at dealing with the cattle people, you have to start the funds, anyway, mogujie, CEO, as well as the house to sell, and now the house is so expensive, many people can not afford to buy a house. So what? I did a headhunter for 21 months when I graduated from college. I did about 3000000 for the time. I made about 500000 of the pot of gold. Then, the ignorant started the business fearlessly. Set up a company in Beijing, the first year I was also afraid to tell the truth, but I thought, I’m just another office, another phone number. Then I’ll recruit

lead: as long as one is smart enough and firm, this process, in a straight line to squirm, eventually went to the end point. How does this process come about? First you have to twist, and don’t be afraid to sprain your waist,

I heard for a long time, you didn’t you listen to the record industry, we speak of suffering, not with you a dime, because when I talk with my cousin cousin entrepreneurship, they said: Wow, sister, you. Why? Because they haven’t done it.

below is a live speech record:

Internet hunting kocho CEO SIM: Good evening, Zhejiang University students. Now the time is very late, and later I think the best students are on self-study night, so we should be on the night school.

the reason why I disagree is that entrepreneurship is the first thing to shoot and take aim. I believe that all of the students in high school are learning very good students, but I don’t believe you, then I, I want to take an examination of Zhejiang University is Zhejiang University, I want to go to Peking university. I believe that when you study, you must learn every day of the day. Every question should be done first. In fact, it is the same way you start a business.


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