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if the failure of entrepreneurship is an accident, then all that remains is the story. At least for Zhang Lu is like this, experienced the mobile Internet pioneer of her early, in early 2013 to join the tide of entrepreneurship, is the first wave of the earliest anonymous social. At that time saw the vast majority of investors are not concerned about this direction, the heroic became the wave of education Chinese investors they eventually end.

"fishing investment"

actually speaking, and Zhang Lu from the realization of the end of the interview time all add up, there are no two hours. But readily as she finished directly after an interview with the intention of setting time place, no half slow, even more than half an hour earlier I was accustomed to the agreed place, the diffuse coffee. You know, the girls before "gossip ", so this time we picked a deep investment circle of truth and the" norm ", three are entrepreneurs Shen

later removed into the angel investment industry, the main investment areas: consumer goods, agricultural and rural Internet, Internet, to raise the public, independent fund-raising ability has now and then she began to toss the incubator. For only two years and how she can grow so rapidly? How to find items? Zhang Lu told the star reporter sent a very fresh word: "fishing style learning". The so-called "fish" is the industry practitioners, entrepreneurs, investors institutional investors and individual investors, as well as those who want to change careers or want to start their business.

After …

with the hype and Taobao customers have been known, more and more in the sea Amoy started to make money, ha ha, it seems people here love and follow suit, is now popular copycat.

Taobao guest website: I love Amoy – Taobao shopping guide platform. On the beginning of the line, I often go to management, plus a few links to do some of the chain, update is also very timely, but included is very slow, very slow, is a month later, sh419 included. After that my management is less, because other work is busy, this site is only occasionally to see, because at that time did not expect this site to make money. Reprinted must note the source: learning network marketing blog

hearts planted, flowers do not open, inadvertently inserted Liu Liu shady. Taobao customers should have some understanding of Internet users, have heard of. Crazy Taobao guest let some people really made a few years ago, of course, the monthly income of 10000 yuan Tao is one of the few, but that a group of people in the middle also tasted the sweetness of Amoy, earn less, but it opens up a new marketing mode.

in the case that Taobao customers are becoming less and less popular

"when a lot of information is given to you so quickly, your brain will naturally absorb it quickly, and then your eyes will grow rapidly."." Speaking of this, Zhang Lu was a little excited. "When I publish about 3 articles in an industry, almost half of the mainstream venture capitalists in this industry will find me.". Among them, there are not only more interested in learning, high-quality entrepreneurs to discuss, there will be other institutions

"I usually share what I see with writing, and some methodologies. Because I will also note that I am an investor naughty laugh, readers will be more interested in coming to me to chat, we also hope to understand how entrepreneurship financing, how to make themselves more competitive." She explained further, as each article before she sent about 2 days, there are almost 500 people to take the initiative to contact and communication, will tell them now or had encountered difficulties, solutions and hardships to make. Thus, by exchanging knowledge, 1 messages are quickly exchanged for 500 messages, within half a month to get into and understand an industry that has not been involved.

and three months later, I found that when check my website data, this website has a collection of thirty thousand data, I was very surprised, I always think that it is impossible by too much, because it is a call to the API data collection should not be too much. Never expected, this time included so much. After I began to pay attention to the site, do some SEO network optimization, mainly for keywords ranking, more to my surprise, a few key words this website ranking very quickly to the first few pages, I insist on doing after a period of time, the ranking to the page, hehe happy time, feel a little sense of accomplishment.

I know Taobao or two years ago, but at that time my thinking ability and technology are also general, just know Taobao customers can make money, then did not do the impulse. Until 2010 I whim, invest in a guest website, play, feel Taobao guest atmosphere, feel how Taobao customers can not survive, there is no chance. After that, I started planning. Two days, I’ve got space and domain names, and use the weekend site online. At that time did not do too seriously, just a little change to the title, description and the like, picked a few very competitive keywords, after the site on the line. Fairly quickly. Ha-ha。

seems to suddenly numerous guest websites competing online, start the guest journey to make money. But in the end we should all know, numerous guest website 09/10 was sh419 drop right and be K, included almost 0. Many of these people are dumbfounded, passion and confidence was hit in a complete mess, this period of time after the website began to decrease or Amoy seems to be so many people concerned.

Zhang Lu also joke summary: "later I know, for the new tuyere.". The first person to rush in, is generally educational investors; second, third is to take money; the fourth is the denominator when the fifth, unless BAT’s VP, a small number of star team."

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