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local time on Sunday June 4th, Hon Hai Foxconn parent company chairman Terry Gou in an interview with "the Nikkei Asian review" exclusive interview that the company will join Apple Corp NASDAQ:AAPL and Amazon NASDAQ:AMZN to Toshiba TYO: 6502 memory chip flash business bid.

, the Nikkei Asia review, citing sources familiar with the matter, said Hon Hai is currently offering the highest bid for five buyers interested in buying Toshiba’s semiconductor business, with an offer of about $18 billion 200 million.


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Foxconn teamed up with apple and Amazon to bid for

Terry Gou told the Nikkei Asia review. "

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is about household appliances enterprises, most people will first think of Japan, as one of the representatives of the electronics manufacturing enterprises in Japan, Toshiba has made Japan the first electric washing machine and refrigerator, with a lot of "world first", the Japanese enterprises gradually grow into a world-class science and technology company.

, however, the once magnificent tycoon is now in deep financial trouble and has fallen into a position to sell assets. At present, Toshiba Co is selling memory chips flash memory, one of its most valuable businesses, while its potential new owner is Foxconn, a private enterprise based in china.

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reports pointed out that "the Nikkei Asian review", Toshiba intends to sell the chip business is currently the only Toshiba profit sector, Toshiba is eager to sell, because the company is expected in fiscal year 2017 ending March 2018 to complete the deal before the end of. Toshiba intends to use the deal to make up for the huge loss of its American subsidiary, Westinghouse Westinghouse.


home buyers are U.S. chipmaker Broadcom Broadcom, KKR group Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. L.P., WD Western Digital and Hynix SK Hynix of the joint bid and Bain Capital Bain Capital, the buyers have bid.

"Both apple and Amazon will provide funding, but I can’t disclose the amount of money each company has invested," !

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"Nikkei Asia"

had previously speculated that apple and Amazon were interested in Toshiba’s semiconductor business, and Mr. Terry Gou’s speech last Sunday was the first confirmation of the bid for two American technology giants. It is important to point out that apple and Amazon are both key customers of Foxconn.



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