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since Prime Minister Li Keqiang proposed "public entrepreneurship, innovation" double call since, for a time, entrepreneurship, innovation has become a hot topic in the discussion, has gradually become the main theme of the current era of development.

three, discover the characteristics of talents, make rational use of team members’ respective specialties,

"at the time of entrepreneurs is full of idealism, that do business too shameful, the original ideal way of young people are moving in one direction, but then suddenly found the road to nowhere, must be in new ways, such as business." At that time, Pan Shiyi also wrote an article called "go China young intellectuals Patriotic Road" article, "doing business is to convince myself".

has many webmaster especially roots webmaster, technical ability is very strong, so they fire, when the early start of the booming, website development is also good, but with the development of the website is more and more, the newborn blood enriched into the team, when the development of the Internet from the original one into a team fighting, but not before successfully found the cause of development, a lot of things are always not satisfactory. Some owners think or sum of people inside the team do you think is not the same, regardless of quality or efficiency that can not hit their own requirements, and if things to other members of the team to do better to complete their own webmaster. It has been a strange phenomenon for a long time. Webmaster busy too much, team members do not know what to do, the development of the site will naturally be imagined.

it is reported that the service platform of Shanghai cattle Island company is the flagship service brand of Yu Sheng Business Service Co., Ltd. of Shanghai. 4.8 yuan company registration including one card, three chapters service, let the majority of entrepreneurs enjoy the public innovation wave of entrepreneurial experience. Founded in 2016, the Internet investment expert brand — Shanghai Island, to "Internet plus" business model, to provide efficient safe and reliable service to O2O self service platform to help entrepreneurs.

one-stop service,

, but in this fast developing Internet era, it’s not easy to start a business. Especially, there are too many things for entrepreneurs. Then what puzzles and problems do the entrepreneurs face now?

startups need innovation


people and many different personalities, life experience, education background, and so on, these are decided by each person will have different processing methods on the same thing, everyone will have their own characteristics, determines each one of them will have their own good, so, as a group.

two, linking personal performance to team performance,

investigate its reason, perhaps these stationmaster is oneself from do technical origin, to management respect not he is good at, accordingly, the problem is managed in the team. So you will find bottlenecks in the development of the site. However, the website must grow, need more people to participate in, it certainly can not meet the development needs of the site, so for the webmaster, how to improve team combat capability, is must pay attention to the problem. In this article, we will not theoretically say what management is planning, organizing, directing, coordinating, and controlling. We will talk about how to lead the team in some simple ways.

"there is no opportunity for entrepreneurship in the traditional sector."." In the recent recording of the China business program presided over by Hu Haiquan, Pan Shiyi, chairman of SOHO China, said.


is now not so easily that entrepreneurial class, resources, conditions, opportunities, and so on, the team is essential, even if opportune, you may be frustrated because of some other situation. Then you need reliable and handy helpers, such as Shanghai cattle Island company registration service platform niurendao/.

1. Let team members understand the overall development of the site

anyone who comes out to work and needs to pay, can not get material gains, is the most basic requirements, pay with the harvest, want to match. Only if we think we can get continuous harvest from the continuous development of the website, we are willing to pay for it. Therefore, as a webmaster, it is very important for team members to feel that. Can not remember the website development of good and bad one, the team members pay a big pot, any will not promote the team member’s work passion


arts high founder and CAO Cao Qitai said that entrepreneurship is not equal to open a company, you need to have a theme, a central idea, the mainstream value, first find these can start a business.

entrepreneurial skills are not innate, need to learn to accumulate to supplement the day after tomorrow. Without sufficient accumulation of entrepreneurial knowledge, there will be a lack of strong intellectual support and a reduction in the success rate of entrepreneurship.

for early entrepreneurs, the government’s efforts to support entrepreneurs directly affect the future development of entrepreneurs. But if you do not have too much understanding, it is easy to cause the phenomenon of no road.

start without

coupled with the current market, entrepreneurial information is relatively fragmented, and there is a problem of accuracy and timeliness, the lack of an entrepreneurial information management platform.

Sun Tzu cloud "in unison  wins", let the team members will target their goals and stationmaster, let us become a force force rather than force or even conflicting forces, which is the basis of all management. Members understand the direction of the site, and recognize the direction of the site, so they will connect their future with the future of the site, become the team’s insight foundation.

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