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, casually attached to advertising cheats. Outdated poison starter, the average person is not rumoredA first principle of


the put is under the premise of respect for the majority of net cheats.

first I put all classes.

1, garbage station webmaster, refers to the crowd, casually next procedure, tied a meter, collection, acquisition, or collection, waiting for spider hair Sao typeThe actual value of

such station is very small, the specific cause of small I do not analyze, for this site, please put less common type of advertising, such as ordinary SOHO auction, Yahoo advertising, for this worthless station we should stand in the search for a user’s point of view to think, for those users for them the most attractive living 10 people 9 people love what is love? Ha wolf sheep, put on the right, but don’t throw too miscellaneous, at least not to give the user objectionable line. Of course not too tempting to drain, on the line, ha, outdated concepts for talented people, I the temptation is not to say, this kind of advertising to 768_90 enough, remember the page must be fresh, generally on the two best, another floating, as well as the rest of the position I suggest leaving a shlf1314 page on ads, content of 300_250, remember to highlight the color, and the back Landscape color must be crossed, because remember his position. RCPs, so in the first time to give visitors a map, or off the pages of people do not know what you put in the advertisement, at least they know you put the shlf1314 ads point to point the problem we not discuss, discuss it is, at least she saw you. For example, because of who like you at least, out of the ordinary, at least she can pay attention to you. This is called "love at first sight. Haha, at least on your board. The purpose is achieved. Ha. Why should recommend shlf1314 ads for relative advertising price is relatively high. Well, for this the pages have one less, is back bomb. Make full use of resources. And Kingsoft 1000IP6.5 good. Look at the recommendations.

——- method. This method is first principle of human nature, the principle of color.

2, second normal station, it would be better invested. Just put general no problem, because of lack of advertising resources for the regular station. Haha, the most important thing is to have their own fixed crowd, ha, you do not induce they will carefully look at each place you wanted to find the station. A people can not find things, such as out of date, think about whether he will pay attention to all the layout change. This is a regular stand value. With a fixed population.

——– suggested doing their own products.

3, for small regular stations, sell stations, brother, ha, find a big one, let him take you. So you can get one


map is also very good to support my view, click on the advertising time is June 19, 2009, advertising deal in July 4, 2009, from the customer, we can see that the customer is not always a click will buy. It’s going to be a long time, so you have to be attractive enough to get customers back.

said you can do a Taobao customer site, you also do a platform, and the shop is a shop on the platform, is the customer service attitude, the quality of the product, and Taobao site play is the guide function, actually I just started the Taobao site Taobao off 28 Street taobao28. I also can not please webmaster mentality, because the mentality of the webmaster is to engage in the flow, do not attach importance to the user, but you can make a lot of money, but I can say that a successful site is definitely not like this, just like the Taobao station, you can earn short-term profits, but to make their permanent site profitable the lifetime value for the user, you must provide a valuable service, do not necessarily do a customer on the loss of a customer, which is to run the biggest failure. For example, what we said before, if you’re familiar with cosmetics, you’re full


can be said that the first phase of the Taobao customer is people, as long as it is pulled to the person, this person is a little of your links, you can not, because this time the number of Taobao customers are very small, so the customer within 14 days as long as you don’t click on PID and other Taobao customers to buy goods you can get the goods, but now I can say that this era will gradually disappear, so this is also a lot of Taobao customers think the reason of their income is less and less, because more and more people do, the user can be exposed to a lot of PID, your success is not to allow customers to click on your PID. But how to keep this customer, let him the last time you click to buy PID. We look at a map, this map is a "good brand boutiques",

a webmaster to do Taobao customers, will have a manager that business operators do not have a mind, heart, it is difficult to do a Taobao customer, many people even now in the crazy money, but for the long term, he will not be successful, because you must let the customer through your link to buy, please give customers a good reason? Take a few days to see an article by Wang Tong, is the lifetime value of customers, in fact, is to let customers continue to look back, had a high lifetime value. To see this article, students can go to Admin5 Adsense nets look at "Wang Tong: customer lifetime value mining, let you double profits", also let me to Taobao guest has a new understanding, drying out and share with you.

2: owns the manager’s management mentality

1: Taobao off more and more difficult, the key is to

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