Under the financial crisis the new direction of small Adsense making moneyLooking at the ugly face

my site traffic is not good, when less, of course, became the mother of mice, in September almost all of my websites are K, there are two or three stations, let me depressed for a month, then is sh419, Ali mother right down, let me take three station the rest of the ads removed, the site is two years, did the advertising alliance also has six or seven, look at China alliances and abroad who alliance comparison really can not say China alliance overbearing and unreasonable:

for half a year before, the effect of feeling good, so I put all my sites are put on the Ali Mama advertising, Ali mother’s reaction at that time is still a piece of praise, open standards of the mom is relatively low, the general site can be stationed, can be said to mother to win a large number of small owners heart, but my mother started her good times don’t last long, xiemoshalv plan.

my idea is to register a domain name only, preferably com meters. In fact, net, CN and so on. But com meters have the highest relative weight. My own test site is CN meters in use,. But this rice has to be filed by itself. The filing can be very troublesome, but I have no trouble filing it. Ha ha, if you feel difficult to record, you can go online to find a professional record, it seems that you can soon filed down.

Start mom

first write here, to update the site, ha ha. By the way, if you want to see the effect, you can go to my station to see the effect. The initial name network is: University City movie network. Maybe I’ll change my name later, so I’ll take a step. Since this is my test station, there may be a lot of problems later. I’ll share it with you later. I hope you will pay more attention to my little station, and your more attention will be the source of my good test results and share with you. Finally, I wish you all a safe ride through the financial depression and make more money. In this paper, by the www.dxcdy.cn station feeds.

this is mainly for the novice or part-time and do not have the conditions for investment, we need only have the thunder Union which should be invited to register a + m, with the rest of the space thunder official, just put ename meters to thunder address set. This saves a lot of investment, or saves most of the investment in a new station. For a few days, through the review, the site will automatically open, set up their own advertising, copyright statements and other information can be. What’s left is the need to promote the website.

below, specifically about this idea of profit point, where

look at what is the domestic owners generally do alliance, sub shlf1314 ADSEN. These results are foreign alliance, the Alliance for Chinese supporters and see how much? You will find the webmaster network.

China reflect on the Internet industry think Chinese alliance still need to stabilize their principles, inconstant in policy


we all know that new sites need to be promoted. So how to promote? To the forum, blog, Admin5 hair articles and so on, many methods, I believe we have their own basic methods, here is not much, if necessary, I will take the time over time and then reissued an article about the promotion.

originally thought that there will be Ali mother let the webmaster to get the sun, no mother do to you as a date and then give you a stick, put you into the abyss….

actually, I’ve written about it before, but it was only a personal idea, and I didn’t make a thorough investigation. This writing is summed up on the basis of some practice. I hope we can help, especially in the current recession.

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