How to make a profitable English websiteTop 10 ways to boost web profits

      4; analyze all your promotions. Focus on what works, and discard the ineffective ones. You can’t waste your precious time.

      8, ensure that your customers can get your product at all times. If you have to delay delivery, your customer may eventually cancel their order.

      the biggest problem facing the China webmaster do English station is relatively more emphasis on Europe, news and other information content copyright, if a copy or acquisition way to get content very easily to complain, this will be the advertising and search engine punishment. Then the flow, although many webmaster optimization Chinese station more powerful, but in using search engines for English site traffic and found inadequate, search engine optimization, the gap is not small in different languages.

      1; advertise your web site with live slogans; call for action. You have to grab people’s attention and let them click on your website.

 :     for those who do not understand English at all, I suggest that we should find something more meaningful to do. There is no better suggestion than this.

      the other is the price, advertisement price is the market changes with advertisers to the changes, the main market is Europe and the United States English station and other economically developed countries and regions, the advertiser’s competition is more fierce, so the advertising price is usually higher than Chinese, advertising a few or even dozens of times.

      English station is indeed more profitable than Chinese station

      2; use pop-up windows or ads on your website. They attract the attention of web visitors because they are jumping up and down in front of people.

      9; use directories on your web site so people can browse easily. Most people are pressed for time, so try to use lists, brief introductions, essays, and so on.

      the first is obviously more advertising only accept English station, there are a lot of advertising tend to put advertising in the English station, that is to say English station will be able to choose more advertising, can make more money.

        3; buy online business books, e-books, private web sites, members, and so on. Learn as much about the promotional ideas of all new websites as possible.

      since the shlf1314 Adsense English station has become a hot topic, because many webmaster do believe that English station is a shortcut to quickly build up the family fortunes, but most of them never think about why to do English station to do and how to make money.


      7, and other electronic magazine publishers or other web sites to exchange content. This is a powerful and effective way to set up links to other target sites.

      whether it is for English or do not understand English webmaster, do an English station is more difficult. The English stands are more competitive than the Chinese stations, because the competition among advertisers is so fierce, so the publisher’s competition is very fierce. There are hundreds of competitors in any type of site. It’s hard to make an English stand and do it well.

      of course, well done. The publisher has a few stationmaster forum from Guangdong, through the shlf1314 search engine optimization will be a lot of popular keywords are ranked at the very top, actually this station does not do English station and diverted to provide optimal service and you can have a good income. What’s more, their experience can not be duplicated, and such people are few and far between.

      5; get as much benefit from each site visitor as possible. Ask them to order your e – magazine, participate in your message board, register on the website, and so on.

      English station is more difficult than Chinese station

      10; add a message board or chat room on your website. If people like these things, they will regularly visit your site to participate.

      6; if your banner ads fail to improve the click through rate of the site, you can also use text links. People do not ignore text links as much as they ignore slogans.

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