SEO nine directions for novice editors

wants to know in the present website competition, the website content is how important, but the good content also must coordinate the SEO skill, this also can well promote the topic key word. So, what a happy thing it is for a SEO to be a qualified editor who is very handy.

SEO works with editors every day. It’s best if you run into an old editor and have been trained by seo. But every day I come into contact with the most or some layman, but we all know, editing this industry mobility, are some graduate students do a period of time to go, so I often do some training, a group of people who have a training, it is in trouble, so I summarize once, when every new person comes to this article to him on the line, saved me a lot of time.

one, write the daily articles list, anchor text list,

is to write out a list of articles, including "the article is about the classification" and "article" the name "address" "articles derived from the anchor text and address", according to the actual need to increase or decrease the content.

two, reference text, anchor text list, internal links,

The importance of

station anchor text I will not say, but do SEO station anchor text is a very tired very troublesome thing, but in the process of writing for editing a note that it omits the SEO workload. At this point, the tables listed in the first column come in handy, allowing the editor to clearly guide the long tail to focus on, and to facilitate the addition of anchor text links.

three, when writing articles should note:

1, the title appears keywords

2, the first and last section appears keywords

3, the middle of nature appears keywords

4, to promote the word for the first time, "bold", "anchor text link", plus only once.

four is not easy to appear when you want to promote keywords, you can at the end of the article with "recommend articles: XXX" or "related articles: XXX", and then add links.

in our promotion process, the keyword density of an article is very important, this is an increase keyword density method. Sometimes it is not what we want and keywords appear, this is a very good way, but also rely on innovation and play the other way.

five guarantees minimum 10 copies per day.

at this time a rigid requirement, according to the ability of editors and the requirements of the site to request, at this time I requested. As a matter of fact, we all know the difficulty of writing articles in SEO. How much do you want, not the essence, or the quality, not the quantity? It’s up to you.

six, each article export link control in 3-5 or so, not less than 2.

generally speaking, 50>

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