Professional Webmaster adhere to persistent beliefs

we are eager for success, and we are more confident of success. Because our name is stationmaster.

every person who really goes to the station is a man who has a strong desire and creativity. Personal webmaster suffering and tired is ordinary people can not imagine, a team of live, we can only do it ourselves, including planning, art, procedures, maintenance, promotion and so on. At the beginning, there was no salary, no insurance and welfare. At the end of the year, there will be no bonus. We don’t care about it. Although we are tired, we can feel more or less the sense of achievement. In a word: pain and happiness.

I divide stationmaster into two kinds: Amateur stationmaster and professional stationmaster. What is amateur webmaster, simply say, want to do more, less people, every day always think of those opportunistic things. The professional station spends more time on the Internet every day, spends it on its website, runs it in a planned way, and eventually makes it profitable.

, take a look at the difference between the two:

1. Learning level

professional webmaster will spend more time on the internet. They know how to learn, how to learn, and how to learn from each other. They know where they are, because they really do analysis, comparison, and research. Unlike amateur webmasters, who just update the information mechanically, they don’t do it at all".

two, technical level

professional webmaster through learning, with a certain level of technology, can modify the program to achieve their own ideas. Amateur webmaster only want to achieve the purpose of "modify" through the template.

three, time and energy,

professional webmaster will update every day to maintain his website, publicity, optimization, modification, testing and so on. Amateur webmaster does not plan, update, maintenance will be regular, such as 2-3 days, a week or longer, promotion is only issued copy water paste.

four, level of analysis,

professional webmaster is all-around talent, they will be based on the data, such as traffic statistics collection, Alexa, search ranking analysis of advantages and disadvantages of their website, and develop a more complete program, aims to enhance the competitiveness of the website. And amateur webmaster will not do a comprehensive analysis, if the flow down, they will only take one way: send more advertising water stickers.

five, acquisition and non acquisition

Most of the

professional Adsense is not collected, because full replication, collection of content will make the Internet there is a great deal of duplication and redundancy. Baidu and Google love sites like K. The amateur stationmaster likes collecting, because it really saves trouble.

six, rigidity and toughness

professional webmaster has very strong rigidity and toughness. Repeat the same job every day, and it has been going on like this for a year or two………

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