100 million dollars hit second hand car people network can achieve a single point of breakthrough

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as a second-hand car potential consumers, I often pay attention to the trend of the second-hand car industry, for people in the network before the completion of financing to cut into the second-hand car market news, some of their views.

and 58 city and go to the market crazy burning different, set up nearly 10 years, people network has been "muffled money" status. However, with the wave of O2O sweeping, people network finally can not sit still. After a total of nearly $100 million in D financing, the high-profile announcement of this round of financing will be mainly used to plough the used car market.

obviously, this is the net in the competition in the industry of "single point breakthrough" strategy, the high-profile announcement to enter the second-hand car market, was simply trying to cut segments to find classified information outside the outbreak point. Undeniably, in the housing market downturn, recruitment market has become saturated, the use of second-hand car this network of people’s advantage business is the best entry point for people’s network of force classification information.

but as in other areas, the used car market is not a good road. Can the people’s network be opened? At least I have four questions.

1, the tuyere is not

any industry is the process of quantitative change to qualitative change, so called "tuyere" is the time of qualitative change. So, for the used car industry, the wind coming,


data show that in 2014, China’s second-hand car trading market size of about 500 billion, but online trading share of only 1%. China the second-hand car market is still far from reaching a stable level, China’s new car sales and second-hand car sales of about 3:1, while the number in the United States on the contrary, in between 1:2 to 1:3, the average level of the mature market is 1:0.7. Obviously, our country’s second-hand car market has the very big growth space, but the tuyere has not arrived.

so, I think the people network in this period cut into the second-hand car market, in fact, is only a kind of exploration, and it is risky exploration. Although the first entry Bureau has the advantage of first mover, it will also face the difficult problem of the educational market. This situation tends to occur in three situations: 1) the success of the education market and on the head of the transaction, on behalf of Alibaba, has become a giant electricity supplier; 2) the success of the education market, but was later "cool", is not rice, unfortunately for Sina micro-blog open; 3) failed the education market, "don’t Jie the first dead body", on behalf of M chat, in complete failure after the battle with WeChat.

people network now hit 100 million U. S. dollars to do second-hand car market, if it is used to educate the market, it is simply a drop in the bucket. If it is to do that for model exploration, itself has been through the classification of information occupies an important position in the people network of second-hand car market, is too risky? Why not explore in someone else’s small clue, then use their resources directly to the right way to go. Let cool people do not do, kind of tree, whether it is necessary,


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