Filing is not difficult the difficult thing is that you should fill it out with your heart

now many people say that the filing is difficult, and I want to say that the filing is not difficult at all. I just filed a new domain name, I’m 2010-5-3 registered domain name, 5.10 entered the record entry, today 13 will be over. I said the filing was not difficult at all.

one, filing is easy,

I have a few friends do Taobao customers, they want to do the station of guest station, but the domain name to the record, they haven’t had the record, I heard that after the initiative to help. (before they helped me a lot, is a friend in reality, there is an online), I help a friend for the record, a few stations are very soon, but at most 5 days to get the number. As long as you press the requirements of the filing process, seriously go to the filing, will soon be passed. You don’t have to go to those filing people. There are plenty of liars. (and some of them are true) my opinion is good for my own records. According to the record process, fill in 1-3 days will be able to pass. My new domain name,, just got the number. When used for more than 2 days to get, ha ha, good cool. I plan to do a new hairstyle theme website, I hope everyone will support it later, but it hasn’t been done yet, but it is also fast.

two, the filing is difficult in

to say that the filing is difficult, there are its rationale, you did not seriously fill in the record process is not let you pass. There are many places to pay attention to details, such as filling in the phone when you write, you can not fill in the mess, you have to write the number you put on the record area, or else it is not allowed. There is in your choice you are what your website related to the news, publication, education, medical care, medicines and medical equipment, culture, radio film and TV the Internet information service, what you do not choose. There are a lot of attention to detail, you can Baidu under a lot of. Just write it. And do not know how to record, I can QQ546655240 to communicate, I help you as much as possible.

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