The online T education site which ran online for just 7 months cost 22 million

[Abstract] the College of geeks has gained capital recognition and is also inseparable from its founding team and the accumulation of its predecessor.

pictured geeks college founder Jin Yan

Tencent technology Hu Xiangbao reported September 24th

recently, a company called "College geeks" occupation IT online education platform has become a focus in the field of online education, because the online education website was born 7 months let investment chiefs paid $22 million for its business for cake.

early 2014, geeks college on-line, in September 22nd of this year, geeks Institute announced the successful completion of B round of financing $22 million, investors SIG (Haina Asia) and blue Chi venture. Why a new occupation IT online education programs can get international top the favor of the fund in such a short period of time, and this is the A round of financing in the process of bluerun with the vote, the amount of investment is also ranked in the forefront of online education industry.

Last week,

comparison of online education industry, and Jiayuan founder Gong Haiyan (micro-blog) two venture ladder large layoffs, the net closed, it is because the capital chain rupture. Similarly, the investment environment and time node, geeks Institute out of a "small and beautiful" vertical online education of the new road, worthy of study and attention.

takes the toll road: the target becomes China’s Lynda

geeks Institute provides online education for IT, Android, iOS, HTML, 5, Cocos2d-X and JAVA, mainly for professional developers. It is the domestic IT professional online education payment mode of the first to eat crabs, income mainly from membership fees (30 yuan / month, 260 yuan / year, etc.).

for mobile developers, the online can be simple and efficient to learn useful technology, compared to offline training courses, often more efficient online, and more professional online. Because the direct hit mobile developers practical pain point, launched six months, geeks college captured nearly 120 thousand of accurate paid users.

reality, including YY, NetEase and other Internet giants reached online education, mainly to take free Internet thinking and traditional charging mode game.

geeks College CEO founder Jin Yan believes: vertical IT vocational online education threshold higher, higher degree of specialization, the higher the accuracy, the greater the value of charging. Professional developers and ordinary users have different needs, online learning is the most effective way, and this is their combat skills, and enhance the value of the individual as long as the content of quality, bound together in a common cause, has a large number of users to pay."

in fact, the probability of payment for educational products is much higher than that of other products, but the premise is to really meet the needs of users.

online education is a slow industry, force out of a hole, from the narrow IT occupation in >

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