Rude moderators and how they influence you

when I was in college come into contact with the computer, at that time very love to chat, chat is a night, really do not know how the time that love to chat, it seems that time is really the good time wasting, then slowly discovered that the chat room is less and less the people in the chat, or a private chat, or a lot of advertising, slowly no longer chat room mix. Later, began playing the forum, I don’t play, love is everywhere to see the post, think this thing is full of fun, a lot of people to express their views on it, to vent their emotions, sometimes will try to write on it, can’t wait to see friends for their comments and messages.

now, every day I work on the forum, but not as moderators to maintain the forum, but let the forum headache advertising writers. To tell the truth, the moderator very hard, from advertisers find them very carefully to delete each one of my work, I hate the heart ah, how to send an ad is not so easy, but then I thought, my advertisement also really is not a no matter if the estimates are full, I grabbed, who also doesn’t come to the forum, the forum, who can see my advertising, so I also appeal, advertising is not so ~~~

on quality, we did not dare to flaunt what is good, but it is definitely not a way to publish the reactionary remarks, heart is sometimes a little evil, I believe this is the most people can tolerate, so in general is belong to the kind of pure nature, basically no threat to others that a kind of survival. Why to write such a thing? Talk to the webmaster adults to apologize, outrageous two word a bit exaggerated, but I was really in order to make the eye, such as against also hope you have a lot of adults, wanted to write I met the brutal moderator, but think about this topic have been used rotten not too cheesy, so from the Internet to find a title for the 100 title to attract you from the inside, choose one, although I don’t know what effect, also make up to.


or delete posts, I have ever know in the forum, countless temper, can send advertising, but definitely not the naked bubble into the jar, that would be tantamount to rape your wisdom, and later learned that a soft stuff, then inquire around, hard skills high, visit friends, thanks to the teacher. Learn a lot of things, also feel something like a ~~

, darling, don’t worry about it. It’s almost sealed. ID, what’s this,


I had this white and busy, I will not simply what serious business people say soft, this is advertising by an idiot, idiot how law, I am not afraid of people joke, we’ll give you the sun drying out: (for example it is absolute, keep calm, respect the version the main work) back from the unit, on the way to hear the two couples are excited to talk because I am not what, what.

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