My Taobao Road my three years of struggle for dreams

I have been struggling in the imperceptibly, Taobao for three years, from the initial credit enhancement, what did not store a bit now, me and two other people set up a translation team, with two Taobao stores, and I set up a translation company, has its own company website. In three years, other people may change jobs, do many things, and I do only one thing and try to do it well. Here, I would like to share my story with you, hoping to inspire some people who work in Taobao or engage in e-commerce.

three years ago, when I was sophomore, as an e-commerce major, I began to have the idea of opening a shop in Taobao. At that time also saw many people in Taobao success, the heart is very envious. But if I sell the shop in Taobao, what is good? When I decided to input translation of two words and then search in Taobao, Taobao actually found there are so many translation shops. At that time I thought, translation is indeed a good starting point. My English was among the best in my class. Although it wasn’t English major, it was the first time in four, and the six was also nearly 600. I wanted to be a translator at that time. I am not sure, after all, I have no experience in translation, and I don’t know whether others can accept it or not. Try holding the attitude, I quickly in my shop and Taobao registered sellers’ translation on the line. At first, I looked at what other people said, so I took it, changed it, and released it. Honey, how do others do it? I imitate learning. In fact, it seems that this approach is very effective. Any new entrant in any industry should always imitate competitors who are doing better in the industry. They do well, naturally see the reason, why don’t you learn? Probably because of the credibility of the 0 reasons, the beginning of the five or six day and no one cares, then seventh days, is the time in seventh days at around 11 p.m., I clearly remember Wang Wang for me the translation of five hundred or six hundred words English. The negotiation went well and the customer paid it right away. I was so excited that the first order came at last. The afternoon of the second day deadline customer requirements, in order to complete as soon as possible, I will text copy to MP4, then after I moved his chair off at half past eleven to translation by the lamp in the hallway, I put Chinese written on paper, and then thought about second days in the play to the computer. Now think of it was really serious, this serious nature brings returns, customers look satisfied, immediately confirmed the praise. With my first business, I was more confident, and then I understood why the first customer found me. Because Taobao was not popular ranking, all in the order of the end of the time order, who finished early, who row in front, so just seven days later, my baby in front of the line, the customer just found me.

since the discovery of this rule, I spend a lot of time every day shelves baby, every more than 10 minutes on the shelves, the effect is also immediate, business is getting better and better, every day there are three or four single. But one thing that happened later, let me know, there’s also a rule to do business in Taobao. One day I was Taobao

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