Do website 6 years have sense


website also has several years of operation, a small independent studio has more than 2 years, the first working for someone else, and then do it yourself, can also say what people have seen, although the site of the industry now too much garbage, but at least we still go to normal operation, think of it website.

sometimes is good for the other side, did not appreciate, in this world, not everyone is a liar.

sometimes we can do nothing but blame us.

When the urge to hurry to make

, a thick book, the table will lose out, give a little time, give money, when he did not press website so straightforward

there are more junk customers to the Canton Fair, let us do a website within 10 days, the site was built, that will come back the website checkout, do not harm us, pad space, domain name money, anyway, do not want your website, there will be a variety of reasons.

if you want to do a website well, it’s not our business. Please cooperate with each other.

hundreds of quick money want to do industry website, want to use the least money to get the biggest function, fool just do so for him, such customers, directly don’t talk about.

website industry is really garbage, we pay attention to Xiamen liar

telephone marketing really annoying, I own website, people often call me, said I was XXX network company, do you need to make the website, website promotion you need.

after continuous thinking and Reflection: 1, there is no guarantee that the business is not 2, not to advance the business with 3, low price business with 4, on the site is not finalized produced by our company, firmly do frame 5, try holding the attitude of the customer is not connected we don’t want to do it, the site was lost in the side 6, we strive to in the production site to complete the other network marketing program,

maybe it’s time for a change, now some small list, unless it is a friend, the other basic not connected, to pick up some government websites and some large sites, in addition to prepare for his wife to work, to get him to do online sales, specializing in selling and parent-child couples dress with

well, 2008 is destined to be tough for 1 years, and my little company under AD

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