Lin Tao do a little bit of experience in the forty sourcing network


generally do a release of the site navigation, the need to pay attention to many aspects, firstly, not too complicated, should allow users to quickly find their needs to clear website, the website itself should also carry the commonly used query tool, to facilitate users to timely find own what they want, and site navigation should also allow users to free to log in to your mailbox, enter search engine etc.. A good site navigation should be simple and convenient.

now do site navigation has many, but as the old site navigation was acquired, we are not difficult to find, now the site navigation, gradually into a single cycle inside the old, more people think that if the site navigation can not go beyond this bottleneck, the end will inevitably be acquired. So the site navigation, especially the new generation how to in the fierce competition in the Internet today is lost, becomes the masses to do a heart disease site navigation friends.

we can see that, with the increase of Internet users use the Internet, search engine more powerful, more users tend to use search engines and web site navigation, for example a friend asks you questions, you will answer: use Baidu Search stupid ah. Therefore, if you want to attract Internet users to stay and use your web site navigation, you should know what the Internet users need and what we can do for them. Therefore, to locate your site navigation for those groups, now the Internet has appeared in a variety of industries to the site navigation, navigation, navigation, such as owners of food supply, local group purchase navigation, navigation navigation and so on


supply network ( on the choice of the supply of navigation is very early, then the supply of navigation is not much, basically use your fingers can count out, as they are now very much unreasonable, so how to keep visitors? Site navigation program included no other functions in addition to the release of information, the function is very simple so, the forty supply network in this area have been looking for, until now the integration of the system, increasing the number of shop experience, promotion section to increase readability, also allow businesses to release their own goods or recruit agents like the article, as far as possible to keep visitors, visitors will find this site good collection do not open the website, a pop up as the pillar of the house. Or, it will only make people dislike directly


things are always moving and developing. If you can not adapt to the pace of the times, can only be self defeating. Therefore, a good professional web site navigation not only included site, should also be timely update related articles and news, firmly follow the market changes, this is the website in order to better development of survival, do not update the information, will only lose customers, it is now called the content is king.

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