Looks like ah fly to the stationmaster’s station and define the garbage station Look at the robot

these days have been back to the Webmaster Station Post AD~ Khan! As a Webmaster Station old member, although has become outdated, but occasionally back to the webmaster community looking for old friends posted, this has become my habit.

station only to find that the popularity of the community is really plummeted, in addition to AD or advertising. Has become a dead forum. Can let me dizzy in a few days exchange station found a very special phenomenon.. station number and station community like, now have to rely on the era of artificial intelligence, run by the robot collection post, not the letter contained in figure.


you look. I do not want to say, just say so Webmaster Station will bring about more bad influence. As I scalar just a K666. station or in the very early has been successfully transformed the market while maintaining a website statistics program download this pen. But not their own cultural site the station is still very slowly toward the.

disappearedI hope

station or all the way in the development of punk friends website should pay attention to the problem. Is in the station to begin their efforts to create the culture. A website only developed its own cultural sites such as the laggards im286.com will have a long-term development of the radiant.. I post we want to help. Thank you

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