A lost stationmaster speechless bitterness

I don’t know. I can’t count on being a webmaster, because I haven’t made a long website, and I’m sorry about it.

tell me about my experience here. Don’t laugh at me. I was born in the countryside. 13 years ago, I was very ignorant, should be said to be blank. Even the earth is round, do not know. Or do not say this, ah, 2001. Big changes, I came to Shenzhen, the big city. Get rid of the ignorance of childhood. With the first computer. It’s garbage. 256 memory. That was my first contact with the computer. At first it was mainly playing games. Of course, the machine often goes wrong.

every time to find a cousin to help repair, 2003 for a new computer. The configuration was good at the time and often had problems. Every time I have to repair the cousin, watching. Know some. 2004, just contact the network, when there are free space NetEase can use. Do regular HTML pages. But not long. NetEase’s free space has stopped. Search for other free space on the Internet. To tell you the truth, there is a lot of free space at that time. But soon.

‘s first contact with BBS is BBSXP, ASP. ASP is really easy for beginners. It was only curious when I was standing. Find out what plugins are for themselves. Just follow the instructions, the first time to install a plug-in, as well as instructions to amend personal information successfully. Very pleased。 Ha-ha。 Then I heard about DVBBS.

started doing DVBBS. 2005. Initial contact DZ. At that time, people heard that PHP was running much faster than ASP. Just get in touch with DZ. Start buying space and corn. Bought a space for junk space. It’s 1G space. That speed is definitely a snail. Because I play more games. So the station was the game at that time. I didn’t know how to promote it at that time. Not many people at all. I’m not in the mood to go on. Wait until that space expired, and want to do the site. Because I was a student then. There’s not much money to use.

has been looking at Baidu for a few days. I found my brother. (many people say he is not good, ha ha, I do not say he is good), this space speed is much better than before. There were so many problems at that time. SEXXXXX UXXXXXXX often occurs. Over resource limit. I’m depressed. Day IP100+ Forum on the ultra limit, often appear. I’m fed up with complaints from members every day. Later, fewer and fewer people. It’s really important to find a good space.

2006 to 2007, the mid-term exam. Not much about websites. Oh, door. I failed in the entrance exam and I got poor grades. 80 points to test. He’s been unemployed, he has nothing, nothing. Every day in front of the computer in a daze, boring ah. I’m dreaming of nothing but websites, but that’s just a dream. I don’t know if I can make it. I’ve been doing this for the last 2 days. Www.>

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