Analysis of grassroots webmaster how to locate your site

personal Adsense before doing web site, first of all to analyze the general classification of Internet users, can be divided into three categories: one entertainment, two learning, three business.

one entertainment type website

entertainment includes games, music, movies, chat, novels, jokes, pictures, and so forth. Now in the novice webmaster entertainment website, the individual is very difficult to do big, no sustainable traffic, traffic sources on the basic search, to search every day thousands of tens of thousands of IP IP, it also earns no less, once the site is K off after the search site would be dead. But I think the novice friends for the class website, why, one is familiar with the Internet environment, the two is the practice increase your knowledge and experience, to prepare for the future transformation.

two learning type website

there is no doubt that such sites are very promising, and there are so many internet entertainment sites in China, but learning sites are still a bit short of demand for Internet names. For example, such as Baidu search "valid data of primary school Chinese teaching resources network" has been very small, indicating that the network service for users to provide very limited resources, so that resources need to be a webmaster mining and development.

three business type website

online shopping mall website (B2C) enterprise information website (B2B) dating system website talent website, personally think that online shopping mall B2C and enterprise information website (B2B) relatively more mainstream market prospects, but also the future of the internet. Cite a simple example, a friend of the Chinese osmanthus net, he has the aspects of resources, can also provide a platform for the enterprise, but a day of IP 1000, but the annual income is above 200 thousand, so his website’s success. There is a friend to do the ginkgo day IP website, but hundreds, but a year membership service, there are tens of thousands of. I summed up their success in 3 points: 1, professional 2, resource advantages, 3 services.

for personal website owners, first of all to clear what you can do, but also clear what the Internet users need, the most important thing is to combine their interests and hobbies, as well as creativity and positioning to do the site. If you do not have originality, your website has not been born already died; have originality, the position is sure to be accurate. Because maybe you find something in an industry, and if you want to do everything, you may be powerless, because you are a personal website, you are not a company. What is good and what is good may be more competitive.

above point of view is not necessarily very correct, wrong place welcome everybody correction. Finally, AD a little station:

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