Why didn’t your site succeed

good products are not equal to successful products. Successful products are not necessarily good products. They are not necessary for further discussion. They are also suitable for use in the Internet industry. Many websites at the beginning of the establishment, have good vision, core products on the website are deliberate, it should be said is a good product, but why most are not successful? Might as well do some deeper thinking, in contrast, why your website is not successful.

from the basic needs of secular people for thousands of years, nothing more than vanity, interests, lust. A little aloof, you may not admit it, but in essence, is that these things in your everyday behavior. Or you are born tall, do not care about these, but the vast majority of people in the world is concerned about these. Since your website is not just for entertainment, it’s for other people, you have to consider these requirements of your users.

vanity, secular society can act as fame and power, as well as on the Internet, which the success of the website, especially the community website, there are few opinion leaders or moderators such as the so-called "big brothers"? For most ordinary users, a call should be 100 the "big brothers", that is the ultimate ideal of online the. In the growth of "big brother" in the process, if there is a post named boutique, is sticky, even just being back, is a very happy thing. I now write this article, and if anyone looks at it, someone comments, whether it is for approval or against it, at least some people pay attention to it, and subconsciously they will be much happier than no one else is looking at it. What is this? That’s vanity.

interests, this not to discuss, the world is a for profit, world Rangrang all benefits to. Why do people want to take the risk of being Taobao buy something? Cheap! As long as you can save money or make money, or get some benefits, even if there is the risk of being, there will be many people willing to try.

lust, this is nothing to discuss, no one does not like, saints can not avoid vulgarity. Since the access to the Internet after just a few years, extramarital affairs, one night stands from the immoral evolution as a normal phenomenon, visible how powerful the power of the network. Quite a number of websites, based on pornography, have made no small achievements, such as the chat rooms of sina and QQ, such as the audition group.

analysis of vanity, interests and energy-saving nature, look at your site, whether to meet one or all of the requirements, whether conducted in-depth understanding of them? Whether can be combined? The positioning of the site can be arbitrary, but in popularity, if you can some inspiration and induction in human nature, get your website is a key step towards success.

, for example, if the manager is a face of learning progress website, in general, nothing more than the contents of some marketing, management and other aspects of the article, a community, we can exchange, That’s all., of course, the popularity.

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