Talking about the relation between the choice of website host and personal website

started learning personal websites since 2003. The first time to purchase the space is NetEase’s personal homepage, which is sent by post office 60RMB. Since then, I have opened the road to building personal websites. After contact with ASP, PHP space, I can’t remember exactly how many hosts have changed. One among them, there are also many companies IDC, of course, cheated, unstable, often crashes, even the phenomenon of missing data. So many years, so I have come to know whether you are doing personal blog as a pastime, or do the family, is essential to choose the host, I come through the following points and discuss how to choose our web hosting space:

number one, personal or company?. We often soak behind the times, visit A5 and other well-known webmaster website, we also often see the BBS release and message signature website space sales advertising, sometimes see the price is really cheap. How do we choose? Is the choice of individual or company? From this point of view, I think that individuals and companies did not have much distinction, maybe a lot of people say when individuals where the stability of the company, in fact, some on the surface of the company, is the individual company, customer service QQ number in a row is a person operation. So, the company or the individual, it is difficult for us to distinguish, then we will not distinguish. We can compare the performance of hosts through space testing for several days and cost performance. I have always adopted the method is to add QQ chat, to see how this person service attitude, if very impatient, it is best not to buy, because if there is a problem later, the service will not go well.

second, low price or high price?. Do not think that the high price is a good stuff, don’t think that the low price and good service. Moderate price, generally we can see the prices of other businesses, do not buy too low prices, low prices are likely to be of poor quality, at the same time service is worse.

third, stability comparison. We often see that some hosts offer a week’s test, and we can pay for them by a week’s test without paying cash. We test through the past few days to see how the host, and if there are frequent problems in a week, and the host business, many excuses to say maintenance, upgrades and so on wording, it is recommended to quickly change another host.

fourth, security. Now the black links run, host security is very important, we want to buy before you ask the host IP, and then through the other web site test with IP, look at the other sites are hung with black links, if many are hung black links you’d better not buy, do not choose the host, because they security is very poor, your site will also be linked to the black links, or even data loss, if you are to buy the program will be stolen.

above, I from the simple four points and everyone analyzed the importance of individual host selection. It is better to warn many novice personal Adsense, cheap good goods, low prices, poor service. Avoid.

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