Top 10 reasons for Baidu’s punishment and Solutions

recently, Baidu frequent activities to send someone else’s article, I feel basically included all the reasons, now specially sent once. Yes, everybody can pass by. Thank you Baidu included reduce the problem, many webmaster have met, recently seems to be serious point. Recently, I have seen many friends say that their web site inexplicable Baidu included reduced, and some have not found the reason, there is no suitable solution. Baidu has also been included to reduce some friends called "Baidu depilates" or "Baidu resort" how to solve Baidu included reducing, continue to look down.


is a new station, suddenly reduced, but also didn’t what to worry about, because the baidu is not the same as Google.Google although the restrictions relaxed, but stable, have certain requirements on the page, update the content is increasing. While Baidu, love to do the most is included new sites, only if the pages are included, then slowly finishing.

There are too many specific reasons for

. There are about dozens of common causes listed below. See below:

(1) website cheating.

reason: such as accumulation of key words, hidden text and so on. If this is the case, even if Baidu has included you, don’t feel muddle through, because when updates will be slowly eliminated. The two level domain and cross connect.


solution: this need not say, get your own page to change it! Also, don’t mess with the two level domain name blog. Cross connect now useless, which left one or two connections can be more removed.

(2) web site specification

: the title and keywords (KeyWords) too much, some owners love to search relevant keywords are put in, you put ten thousand useless. There is not a reasonable description (Description), if you are new, this is definitely useful, to set up.

solution: stay three or four keywords in the title is enough, too much love. Baidu does not recommend setting for the page name. As for the special theme website keywords, plus you never mind, but at least the page should appear some related content. The description set is very simple, just want to do about a language fluent, the summary of the page keywords appear two or three times is enough.

(3) website quality

reason: almost all content acquisition, but also a collection of very popular articles. Baidu suddenly will collect you thousands of pages, but Baidu included, in a certain period of time, will re search, if your content has no value, abandoned.

solution: after collection, slightly modified again. Don’t be too lazy, you do it, the article simply browse, change the paragraph or section, at least a little like no other place. The original much better, also leave a copyright information in the page >

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