Upgrade WeChat public number necessary elements of operation

The rise of intelligent mobile phone

, led to the development of mobile Internet, WeChat is very popular with people Repeng platform, it is not only a chat tool, WeChat public account operation is also more and more, operating properly, can become mobile internet marketing tools, many enterprises open the WeChat public, WeChat operators, so, how to operate the micro signal can bring benefits for the enterprise to enhance public operations by WeChat? What are the essential elements of


one, published articles should be high quality

in editing WeChat articles, pay attention to the content of the article quality should be high, the content should not be too long, so that someone will reprint or share your article, is conducive to WeChat powder up. Stand in the user’s perspective, WeChat is not for the enterprises, but for customer service, to push the article do not always send their own enterprises, more value to the users of the content, so that there will be people willing to pay attention to you.

believes that many people who have used WeChat public numbers know that WeChat has two types of editing, one is single graphics, and the other is multi graphics. The rate of science and technology recommends using multi graphic template editing three most appropriate, one of them is to edit the enterprise the contents of the article, after two we can edit the joke, the rules of the workplace, health knowledge, the user is interested in the theme.

two, title should be novel, characteristic

when people read the article, the first thing they will see is the title of the article. The title is the most important factor affecting the effect. The novel and characteristic title can attract the reader’s attention. Promotion WeChat public number operations, in the article title under some effort, don’t put the unattractive, value keywords placed in the title of the top thirteen, because the public number shows the title of words only 13 words.

three, send information to be true, credible,

operators want to ensure that the article published on WeChat is authentic and can not issue fake or shoddy products to deceive users. If an enterprise or individual releases a false information for a long time, the result is bound to be punished by WeChat. At the same time, the user will have a distaste for you, to cancel your attention, while WeChat and micro-blog blog, different, can not pass to the other comment, or private letter @ each other, when WeChat users to cancel your attention, it is difficult to attract the fans.

four, good push frequency and time

push frequency is not too frequent, and it is not too easy, because too many users will feel disgusted, too little will cause complaints users, basically not more than three a week. Remember, WeChat can not be regarded as a means of publicity, the essence of WeChat is to provide customers with valuable information, maintain old customers, develop new customers.

has a good grasp of the push time, usually in the morning 7:30-9:00, noon 1:00-2:00, 8:00-> PM

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