My four years webmaster dream destroyed in there is no firm determination


wrote this article, he was disturbed and tangled. Whether I will be defeated in the past few years to sort out an article to share with you. Finally, in a busy afternoon to sort out, say what you want to say.

23 years old, I have 4 years of experience in the construction of the station, which is in a highly developed network era, may not be anything magical. It seems like a long four years. Have I really done enough? It’s really bad. Because I didn’t do anything, and I didn’t make any money. When it comes to money, you will say I’m vulgar, but which station is not to money as the target,


Xin Kui four years is my university study for four years, if it is four years of graduation, maybe I have starved to death. Now just look for online are college students’ entrepreneurship, web site operators earning thousands of articles N. Perhaps in order to stimulate college students, perhaps I can not afford. Because toss about for four years, and now stay in hand only some major website user name password. Others have nothing to gain.

you may be curious about what I have done for four years. I have done a lot of things. It is because of this "a lot of" two words that I have done, and now I still have nothing to get. I also admire those who do station groups, because I have no intention to operate 2 websites at the same time. I have done many types of sites, have died in a brain fever.

brain fever 09 years, when the university just has a crush on flash small game, also hard to do a few, most of the time is spent on playing games, released a new game, and tangled with "which website template", "the website domain name". It’s not propaganda in the real sense. The results may be known, little game site died in their entanglements. Think about it. If you insist on it, it’s OK. It’s a good site already.

brain hot 10 years, gave up the small game website, started own health website, when is the popular healthy type website, I daily frown to update. Yes, it’s frowned on to update. Because I don’t like any health knowledge. A webmaster do hate website, ask a reader would visit the


brain hot 11 years, after years of trying, may be tired, may be unable to do, 11 years, simply build your own blog, start operating blog bar. Because I am engaged in software development, so every day to update the blog to promote the learning motivation, to maintain your own blog, the effect is good, know a lot. This is the longest site I have ever done.

unfortunately, blogging has been a long time since you’ve been catching up on job hunting. Ranking fell, and can no longer operate. He died in my hand.

, now I’m sitting in the office and working as a programmer in a small company in three tier cities, but I’m still under great pressure. The heart is full

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