What kind of chain can improve website ranking

The initial purpose of

SEO is to rank websites, and the ultimate aim is to make a profit. Well, in order to have a good ranking of the site, you must know how to optimize the site. As you all know, the factors that affect the ranking of the website are not only the inner chain, but also the chain. So, what kind of chain can really play the role of promoting the site rankings? The following is for everyone to analyze.

1: the number of the outer chain


chain is like our interpersonal relationships in social life, if the chain more widely, the interpersonal relationship on behalf of our society is in the more extensive, circle of friends is also more widely, so as to know more, then you can imagine in our own field or in specific field the visibility is very high. The chain more widely, means that there are different types of different domain name so many websites to your site, so the search engine will think that your site is very important, in this circle is indispensable, thus the search engines will be very popular on your website. For example, your web site has 5000 outside chain, and competitors only 500 outside chain, so in the number of chain in this respect, your website is absolutely dominant.

two: the quality of the chain

chain requires not only quantity, but also high quality. A high quality of the chain can be worth 100 or more garbage outside the chain. So the webmaster has been in the pursuit of the quantity of the chain, not necessarily get good results, too many garbage chain, no obvious effect on the site rankings, and may even have a negative impact. In order to obtain the high quality the chain resources must often go to analyze competitors, may find the number of the chain competitors far lower than his own, but the ranking is much higher than their own website, this is likely to be competitive sites outside the chain of high quality, so as to get good rankings. For example, your site has 500 high quality the chain chain, these are some of the large information station and so on site, and competitors have 2000 common quality of the chain, then the chain in the quality of your website is the absolute advantage, the 500 of you outside the chain of high quality can be worth 2000 match quality common chain. Therefore, the quality of the chain is the webmaster must pay attention to.

three: the relevance of the chain

at the same time pay attention to the web site outside the chain of universality and quality, don’t forget, the chain also need relevance. Search engine is also very concerned about the relevance of the chain. The chain represents a high correlation chain is more natural, for example: whitening skincare links appear in vehicle maintenance of posts, the decoration links appear in infant education website, then this link apparently and the post or this website is no relationship. So, the webmaster in the hair chain, also must pay attention to the relevance of the chain.

four: stability of the outer chain

The so-called

stability refers to the number of site outside the chain in a period of time or order fluctuations >

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