Station should not rush everything will come true

impatient to eat hot tofu, refers to work not to be impatient

is not to say no again, we cut to the chase — whether it is life or in the network, even if the site is the same " eat hot tofu, please " new friends stand and intend to do stand friends under reference. Many of my friends have the strong interest to do. Looked at a lot of website development and make yourself full of longing, and stepped into the station in this industry. Since entering into the industry then want the site better, but made the website friends know we currently rely on search engines to own included, some people say that on the evergreen tree, after all the website can have? Even before is because the evergreen included


a lot of new problems is just do not search engine included, especially Baidu. A time often began to complain. Finally give up. But I want to say is " the site is really so good? How many people do " the world is the real success again? How much? I want to say, not how experiencing rain rainbow? A vulgar not vulgar words. But actually the development of a website is not the case? So I want to say, please don’t give up, if you really want to make it developed after some people suffering. Then continue to go down. Do not speculation, not anxious. Don’t think for your search engine and do stand, as long as it is to conscientiously complete you should finish the contents of it. There may be a friend to say 100 Not included in the website by IP what to eat? I just want to say, you are to do station? Or to included? Money is not false, this is our purpose. But a wise man will do good to do station, search engine, after making money. And all this is a step by step process. In the development of the network, want to seek a way to survive you must stick to it, otherwise you will be eliminated.

So in addition to

novice do stand should pay attention to avoid anxious, but also know what? Or how to better the development of the website. I am not what the veterans. Build the first site until now has less than 1 years. But when you really experience to do a webmaster of this matter will be realized more things, rather than rely on time to complete.

1. novice do stand to do SEO. very simple to say what is SEO? If you have a decent appearance as well. The appearance of course, many people patronize… Of course this is the popular analogy SEO optimization. There are 3 main points. The first title: must be eye-catching, but, not to add some strange symbols in how those symbols will be down many people? And more distinctive eye-catching to you, the network do stand so much? The name emerge in an endless stream.

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