The Ding Dong District a microcosm of domestic investment in the field of TMT

introduction: if this is really the Ding Dong District fell, also is not the last to fall.


Ding Dong district capital chain rupture and evacuation of the Beijing market rumors lasted a week. In the process of constantly exploring the reasons behind in my line of sight from the beginning of the Ding Dong District founder and the team itself, transferred to investors or even the entire TMT industry investment.

Ding Dong District founder Liang Changlin reliable? From the past results, very reliable. Liang himself said, "I’ve only done two jobs, the first is the military, then the entrepreneur."". Demobilized from the army after the start empty-handed founded the mother site Yaya net business for ten years, never financing, and in 2009 to achieve profitability.

investment is like gambling, investing is betting. There is a saying, "reliable team + general project" than "general team + reliable project", we can see the importance of the team to the investment project.

Liang Changlin and his team are certainly reliable. Where is the problem? It’s on the investor.

investment, due diligence and the founder of contact, understand the market environment, investors in general, product or business model, operation direction and planning, financing and use, will have its own judgment. Risk investment failure rate is high, especially in the early stage of angel investment, investment projects, enterprises or markets are often in the early stage, the profit model is not clear, the high failure rate, the investment failure is understandable. The usual choice is to try to increase investment by stages.

this reminds me of the previous period, Ali has $5 million, $50 million investment in intelligent remote control application Peel, first of all, not to evaluate the effectiveness of its investment, at least in the investment attitude and manner is rational. So, the Ding Dong District Angel round of financing billions of dollars, more or less makes people feel too hasty. 5 moreover, this time the Ding Dong District of products, by a large number of patterns in the interpretation, investors are not too much attitude, get to know that 1 hundred million May, now There is not much left.

this is related to the problems facing the current investment industry. In recent years, with the rapid development of mobile Internet, various venture capital have risen and poured into the TMT field. However, good and successful projects are always the minority. In order to improve the success rate, in addition to search for reliable, reliable screening or team project, is the popular areas of entrepreneurship wide net, such as mobile Internet, O2O, online medical, education and finance, the field of intelligent hardware etc.. Although these are not all short, flat and fast projects, the possibility of withdrawal is greater due to the influx of other investment institutions. Of course, hot money comes quickly and goes quickly. Once the cold, investors in the entrepreneurial team, the role of the show.

Ding Dong District investors did not do very well at this point. Public data shows that investment in the Ding Dong District is a >

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