The designer of PR two and a half from the 0 to the 3 wise remark of an experienced person

April 2 Rizhao case, check their website included, found PR rose to 3, feel very excited, a few days to browse your blog (designer’s home below a subdirectory) found also rose to PR2.


happy, sum up experience, to share with you:

1, looking for excellent links, can not find the money to buy high-quality links, I have spent tens of dollars to buy a gov government website links, and guide new sites, the effect is very good.

2, the establishment of a discussion QQ group, send excellent articles, increase the rate of visitor visits, lock visitors.

3, BBS post, posting is a skill, don’t very direct hair website link, send pictures also line, picture address is their website address. Note: only related sites, the effect is obvious. (my website a lot of traffic is through search pictures to enter. Oh, there are articles), plus, the Jiawei hope, this is not the chain of good


4, the establishment of several blogs (Sina, and news blog weight is relatively high), update excellent articles, by the way to publish to the blog above.

5, website updated content every day, this is very important, let spider every day to climb.

my level is limited, written is not good, directly released in the webmaster network, I hope everyone will support the designer’s house:


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