Website Google PR value drop reason comprehensive system analysis program

from single to integrated Google quietly completed the PR value of the new standard conversion, which marks the Google PR valuation of the site has been mature. But as a webmaster, we should know clearly the PR value for the site, customers SEO experts said Google "assessment of the PR value and is not just a good-looking but useless name card, Google assessment of the PR value will not just stay at the site of the external links, from single to comprehensive is any the development of things of the road, the PR value of the evaluation standard is no exception!", so the PR value will eventually become the iconic website weight level data, how to maintain good PR value of the site has become a research topic, what is the Google on the PR value of the new rules? You can read "on" new rules change the Google PR value evaluation. As a webmaster it is very difficult for us to achieve "does not" mind, mood with website traffic and the PR value of the curve increases with the flow and excitement, the PR value of the curve decreased and dim, this is generally the head of psychology, in the face of the PR value of the reduction, we will feel uneasy, because the PR value of the reduction means that the website the weight is reduced, keywords ranking is then reduced. Then, why is the PR value drop? According to years of systematic research, comprehensive and systematic about the main reason for the decline of the PR value of the website.

1, the site’s high quality external links in a short period of time, a large reduction of

as we all know, Google assessment of the PR value is still high quality external links as the main factor, from a single to integrated needs a process, it is impossible to mature at once. SEO experts in the universal navigation network tracking research found that: the PR value of the site will increase with the quality of external links to enhance, reduce and lower. So if the site in a short amount to reduce the high quality of the external links will inevitably lead to reduced website PR value, the PR value of the decision by Google to "base value + variable value" model, given a numerical evaluation based numerical is the site of the comprehensive quality of the variable value with site derived external links, but the base value plays a decisive factor for this particular combination and lay a solid foundation. If you have time, you can read the "PR value of 7 of the excellent web site navigation station to our inspiration", this article may give you some inspiration.

2, external links point to excessive garbage sites, or point to sites punished by Google

either Google or Baidu, attaches great importance to the outbound links, if you are a large number of links pointing to the rubbish site, it will think you site on the same site as garbage, not affected by the good evaluation, it is the site of the PR value is reduced; if to be punished Google site, will be the joint responsibility, Google will take up arms for your punishment. From the "Legend of universal navigation network" in the construction of universal navigation network, early construction, due to the face of friends, added some guidance to the garbage station link is the website from the PR value of 5 a drop

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