Rookie webmaster also come to talk about experience

everyone is talking about experience, rookie, I would also like to talk about my experience, a few days ago, I made a glorious step into the ranks of the webmaster, now built their own station, began his webmaster life.

first station, not what experience, but for the regular Internet me know that search is the best teacher, so I in various forums read countless articles today, summarize, share experiences and opinions of their own.

is the first on the network can earn this question, the answer is yes, must be able to make money, the forum, with the people of every hue, true, false, someone to show off the ten day million of the list, following an amazing sound, but more is in the corner. Lonely recounting his own website, a day to earn a few dollars, painful experience, and I, just as a spectator silently record, thinking.


of each site, some heart buried a dream, a few years later, I am Ma, my site is Taobao, I am Zhang Zhaoyang, my website is Sohu, but nine years ago, the Internet bubble, how many with the idea of people had to leave the network of the stage.

is a place for investment, in order to two points, one for the local GDP, but for the sake of employment, and employment includes direct employment and employment in the third industry, which is a set of things, promote economic development, so as to promote the progress of the network here, no GDP, no problem of employment, so there are advantages, disadvantages, advantage is in full accordance with the market rules, little human intervention, is conducive to the development of the Internet, in addition to development so quickly and the laws of the market are inseparable, and the laws of the market completely has been exacerbated by the brutal competition, the large meat, even the station did not have to drink the soup, law of the jungle, millions of investment in naught is not the thing happened.

website has a technical team and a strong team, without strong support, it is too difficult for one person to fight a lone battle success, but because a few years ago the network riches myth, has deep into every person’s heart, the network can like a beautiful rose, attract people from all sides to come to pick from.

now every ten there are several webmaster think website is easy to earn money, maybe a few years later he can become the richest man Chinese, to tell the truth he had this dream, even do better than many people have too much, but the inevitable attribute in the world determines that most of us only as ordinary people there with the society, doing his extraordinary work in an extraordinary position, also can live a different life.

is one of the Internet industry, that is an industry, although the threshold is very low, but it is not easy to do, we can not only see the people after the success of joy, but not to struggle hard before success, hope to see the webmaster, more practical, more adhere to, do stand there will be a >

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