90 youth do before the declaration book

    I, a passionate, love the website construction of the 90 boys. Natural rebel, let me very early contact with the network site knowledge, but also because of my personality, let me decide on the website construction on the road has been going down.

remember the first contact site construction and production of knowledge is, in my time, which is 2005, I read 91 years earlier, I was born, now, just graduated from high school, immediately entered the university life, that is to say, in the future, I will have more time to do I love it.

in the three years of high school career, my classmates always put me in the ranks of youth internet addiction is classified, but most clearly in my heart what I’m doing so, I will always do what I love, 90, is not already running for food and clothing from generation, but to for their future career success on the contribution to the society, considering the generation size.

I just love doing what I like and doing what I think I’ll be happy about.

so, in this hope that Baidu can give 90 webmaster a voice exchange, exchange of technology platform, for the future of China’s Internet to make greater contributions!


said that 90 is the beat area, rebellious area, but I think that is the reaction of revolt, in certain circumstances, the characteristics of the times is perhaps 90, I want to say that 90 is to make China future changes of generation.

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