Burst money is so simple stand outside drainage station guide = sales

introduction: retail sales of sellers on the judgment in general from their own sales experience, according to the sales trend chart to determine the mean, sales volume, turnover rate, promotion evaluation can give the overall sales figures, if the main module of each channel and the flow station to the subdivision, can more accurately predict the related sales. Each link can do things, perhaps more, each module is also different gameplay, specific gameplay depends on the temperament of each site, the formation of the team, the choice of goods, for the user groups. Sales in general will be divided into two parts: stand outside drainage, station guidance, if the corresponding company department is marketing and category department, and some companies may be a department, marketing department. According to the station, outside the station module decomposition.


The main

station sales assessment is marketing personnel, in the relevant estimates, generally only consider the relative macro data, on the basis of their own promotion channels, promotional merchandise, discounts, seasonal and cyclical factors to evaluate sales. Without considering the shortage, refund, oversold corresponding. With the market sales are to assess the general optimistic, and many of the electricity supplier payment orders almost accounted for about half, when the market demand for discount, expediting such action will have great influence on single product delivery.

active push


EDM: Sales = number of mail * number of send * conversion rate * customer orders

SMS: Sales = SMS number * conversion rate * customer orders


EDM is the nature of email marketing, email usage in different countries are not the same, the general users often use mail orders in 1 to 2 days, another 1 to 2 days more, that is 3 to 4 days to see a EDM complete marketing results. General reference, the last 2 days of orders and payment success rate is basically determined sales. The main problems of EDM marketing is that the user type selection, provided by the data center users than only considering the area, whether to buy, both passengers and price must be accurate, the conversion rate is high, and does not require user harassment at least. The group of EDM users basically uses mailbox frequently, it seems to be nonsense, if it extends further, it is mostly the office group that is not used by users in the country. And stay QQ mailbox is not student gens? Everybody sees his data.

search engine



SEM: Sales = advertising number * arrival rate * conversion rate * customer orders

natural search: Sales = natural flow * conversion rate * customer orders


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