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in the hospital marketing before this line, I also think that site editing is a very simple thing, as long as the basic use of computer people can do these things. No, it is to copy articles from other websites, make good typography, and change the names of others into their own websites. When I was doing it at an Internet company, my website editors did the same thing. As soon as I entered this hospital, the data was completely copied from the Internet because of the small number of people and the tight time. This was also mentioned in the previous blog.


copied to what the "good", many people know, the search engine is a "big uncle lady-killer", is a "love", is a "mysterious grass bud". Because our editors are not medical graduates, they can’t write anything about the symptoms of the disease or the treatment of it. They must copy someone else. What are the level of grade, the thief also and the dodger. Then how do we edit the article, make pseudo original articles, do a "God series",


common methods have to change the title, change the contents of the article, the article content generally refers to change the beginning part and end part, there is a little at the beginning of his words, without affecting the reading of the premise, to change some of the paragraphs and so on. Copy the article, change the title is necessary, and content plus their words is the best.

, another way I’m going to introduce you now. Probably a lot of people are already using it. This is what I call synonymous substitution". Is to replace some of the existing keywords with the same or similar words. For example, the "three note" painless abortion before the change to "3 note" before artificial abortion, and say "how much" drug abortion into "the price is how much". OK, do you understand? If you have other editing articles and writing pseudo original articles, you must share them with me.

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