Creative experience forum marketing text Kung Fu

? Tianya by talk of "Tao" word turned red!!! Always in black and white, gray, light green color Tianya actually appear dazzling red, attracted tens of thousands of users to click.

a ripple, with countless netizens curious flooding, arousing the larger countless netizens spontaneously spread with "Tao" of the thread, not for anything else, just to see the "Tao" will not become red. For a time, the "energy-saving" and "world of work" "Tao" overwhelming, activities for two days, "Tao" has won more than 700 exposure easily. Grand behind, nature is a marketing communication Landes elaborate planning.

technical means to achieve the flexibility of advertising bits

The randomness and replaceability of

advertising sites are based on not changing the forum architecture without having to re – post the posts. In the forum, only to maintain a position of the advertising links are not replaced, the page attractiveness will be reduced to the minimum, therefore, it is inevitable to open up a shortcut and grab Internet users’ vision.

What is the most

network? Internet users?. What is the easiest thing to do on the web? Network technology?. Previously impossible marketing techniques can be implemented on the web via technical means, such as adding hyperlinks to content keywords.

Landes spread after an investigation found that the content keyword hyperlinks are most likely to form a cause of concern of Internet users. So, we will be the customer (congratulations wine network) of the character set as key words in "energy-saving" and "world of work" all "Tao" word to do hyperlinks, can be linked to special congratulations red wine Christmas promotions.

this requires some technical support, so we need to find an experienced and influential forum for cooperation. This form of advertising effect is excellent, and then will be universal, we can try more.

chooses influential forum

most forums are based on industry or interest, and each forum’s "temperament" and "atmosphere" is not the same. Some forums are highly concentrated and some are rather loose. In forum marketing, the more focused the theme, the better. Therefore, the choice of the forum is very particular, in some weak topics, users strong independence, it is often difficult to establish a "hard wide" influence and status. So, the marketing company to spend some time to do the forum research, rather than wasting time to look for a needle in the ocean many forums.

this time, we want to sell is a wine brands around the world gathered Wine online trading platform – Congratulations wine network, through research, product positioning of the audience and the precise prediction of communication effects, we chose the Tianya community.

of course, the wine is better and louder. In order to expand the effect of the activities, to attract audience attention, it is very necessary for us in the early first refresh a number of "Tao" with a lot of beautiful calligraphy, "Tao" to attract the.

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