Local portal new station 6 months PR from 0 to 3 experience

station is not a big, but quite complex project, each webmaster plays the role of project manager in it. This project not only tests the personal qualities of the station, such as patience, perseverance, executive ability and observation ability, but also has a high demand for the co-ordination of managers and the ability of strategy and tactics. How to make rational use of their own resources, co-ordinate the distribution, and ensure good steel used in the blade, is a threshold for successful webmaster.

, I’m currently applying for an YBC interest free loan for website entrepreneurship. The plan is to be a local gateway site for a county. About the content of the website and direction of guidance, oneself also calculate to be in sufficient bosom, without too much doubt. The question is: how to use the limited funds to the players, more work fast to the promotion of the site, in the local search keywords, and from the numerous local portal stand? My previous promotion experience is limited to the promotion of soft paper and hand chain, rely on the manual workshop days and months multiplying the total weight, no hands special funds for the promotion. Now have thousands of promotion funds, how to effectively use the money to complete the transition from manual work to small batch production? Extension funds are limited, and how to realize the sustainable promotion? With these questions, I consulted a just 6 months time, the "Zitong" portal website to PR=3, the snapshot is updated every day of the webmaster, his experience gave me a lot of inspiration.

, concentrating fire, occupying highland,

Zitong station is also facing not much money, he took for a quick fix, quickly occupied the commanding heights of the keyword search strategy. In addition to the traditional way to promote the site, the choice of a large number of short-term purchase of friendship links, and quickly improve the weight of the site. Buy links, it is best to choose PR greater than 5, relatively high degree of Web sites, the number remained at 20 to 30 range. This lasted 2 to 3 months, after the inspection period of Baidu, the weight of the site and PR rapid rise, in the local site search ranking will also rise rapidly.

two change structure, strengthening the foundation of

webmaster doubts: a step forward has been used up the promotion funds 80%, behind the money Maiyou chain how to achieve sustainable development? Don’t worry. This time, the PR value of the site has risen to 3. Chasing you to exchange links countless websites, looking up PR4/5 friends chain is also inevitable. Through screening in a lot of websites, in accordance with the principle of "benefit to yourself", this time, without money, you can also get a lot of friends chain and promotion. On the one hand, it changed the situation that the website relies on money support; on the other hand, it also laid a solid foundation for the continuous development of the website and promoted the self operation ability of the website.

three deepen reform and change passive to active

deepening reform refers mainly to the style and content of the website. After the website weight ascension, if want to go up the building again, need from website >

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