Do standing in 2008 is happy or sad

2008 is a lucky year. It’s a very good and memorable year in Chinese history. A year of honors and opportunities for Chinese and Chinese people. Our stationmaster also believes firmly, in this one year, can become lucky one. Make your website successful with good luck in 2008. Can’t it be decided by someone else?. It’s your own decision. Each of us, every webmaster should know, the biggest resistance is ourselves, we should let ourselves believe in themselves. Let us conquer ourselves.

2008, the way of personal stationmaster is how to go, I also do not know. Only through walking. No matter how tortuous the road is, how difficult it is to go. We all have to go step by step, because we chose it. We should not give up. Yes or no, no one can tell. Happiness is sorrow, and we do not know. But today, all of you here, since you can walk here. Prove that the road we choose is the same. Then we should not give up. Go along with our decision. Let’s talk. Can you do that,


, just like me. I was a designer and had a job that would make people feel good, but I quit and chose to be a This station?. A personal website. Did you say you have a lot of nerve?. It takes a lot of impulse and determination to do it. Do it full-time. I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future. Did you do well?. But I’m doing it every day, paying every day. Man proposes, God disposes. I’m working so hard and I feel like I’ve done my best. I wish I could succeed. This is the dream of every webmaster. I am no exception.

2008, I wonder if I can reach the level I want. But we work together, and strive to achieve the hearts of the wishes of the hearts of the mind. Let’s not grieve and find happiness. Work hard at the station. Happy life. Is it all right? Everybody webmaster. Come out and cheer together: let’s work together. Strive for the best.

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