Adsense should better analyze website advertising layout

what is the webmaster most concerned about? After any pay, want to exchange for the highest return, then it is income. So how do you choose the ads that fit your website,


1, the site’s main revenue, should come from alliances and GG ads.. It’s better to receive a monthly rent, but there are few people who receive such advertisements. Most of them can not be received. Then you have to choose a good alliance, many webmasters because of fear of finding a good alliance or bad reputation. Just made the GG ad directly. This will reduce the amount of income. Select League first choice celebrity. Or introduced by a friend. Able to receive money.

2, the correct advertising, select the appropriate advertising on your website in the appropriate place, so that each advertisement has its own role, not waste of each ad position. But also can’t like some Adsense that advertising hanging all over the place. This is not respect for visiting users, it is difficult to make a return visit. Appropriate advertising should be accurate, not many, but useful.

talks about how to choose advertising types. Now the mainstream webmaster do CPA. In CPA advertising, the mainstream is lottery and web games. I once saw an article. Web games will be a major revenue collector for the future. I think this is inevitable. Sign up for a 1-2 yuan, or even higher. So, not yet put on such advertising webmaster friends on the grip.

web games, CPA, several age groups, children play. Students play, adults play. Such as my new station, novel station. You should select the second half of the player. The age of the novel should be about 15-40 years old. This will lead to better income.

there’s another one. The stationmaster can’t hang himself in a tree. Feel that the ad placed in this ad place has no big benefit, it should be changed immediately, try another.

wishes all the webmaster friends to make more money. Monthly income is over 5K. Love Wangzhuan or do not understand the webmaster and group 62703208

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