From the end of Youku tudou com non mainstream beat speaking

introduction: This is not suitable for non mainstream station webmaster friends. Non mainstream webmaster friends, please detour.

I keep asking myself why love and not love Youku potatoes, but has not learned that until recently started to pay attention to the non mainstream station, it suddenly, is the original page design is too mainstream, the content page black background, the dazzling color, is to remind people of him is a non mainstream design website, although this seems like a funny conclusion, but when you carefully study, you will find that this is a fact. A fact that no one can conceal or ignore.

non mainstream page design directly blocked the potato network become mainstream web site footsteps. Back when Youku potatoes had chrysanthemums after the Double Ninth Festival be roughly the same. This does not make man-made disappointing. In short, the failure of potatoes was a design.

Youku may have this kind of problem, but the simple design undoubtedly left him too many repeat customers. This is not just my personal feelings for the people around me, I did a survey, they are generally not love potato black reaction and brightly coloured color, but love the blue line layout Youku this simple website.

If you

to me a contemptuous disregard, I dare say your site is definitely not a successful web site, you may see few simple website success, but this is because of the success of the website, so you can see that a successful website is mostly simple site, such as Baidu and Google as everyone knows Oh, we all know it. Do not tell me, Sina, NetEase Oh, because they did not start at the time of success, the site is simple, but after success, only to develop into the portal ah. And, you see, even though their website has a lot of content, they’re still keeping simple page designs.

my ebook download and is to eat a non mainstream loss, made of black appearance, the results retain membership rarely, but recently I’m revising for template, let him become a simple and lively design of the station, and then to the success.

so I say simple page design is the guarantee and premise of your website’s success. Don’t study potatoes.

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