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prepares to build a website, we tend to do a requirement analysis. And this demand analysis comes to netizen, namely the user of website after the website is built.

we say we have to plan a website to build a website. The first step in planning is to have a clear and clear positioning of the site. And this positioning needs to be considered in many ways. Among them, demand analysis is the most important. According to the needs of the website construction and development of the corresponding point. To carry on the thorough research and the analysis to it, makes the necessary market research, these items are essential.

what is demand analysis? I think demand analysis is to analyze the needs of society, the needs of the times, the needs of a wide range of people in society. According to these requirements, determine what kind of problem you want to help them solve, that is, what kind of website you want to build.

everyone who is planning to have a station has its own original idea, and this idea comes from the usual inconvenience. The idea comes from life. With the rapid development and popularity of the Internet, people feel more and more comfortable with the convenience of the Internet, and they are becoming more and more inseparable from the internet. This dependence on the network has become one of the reasons for creating a variety of web sites. More and more websites, all walks of life are in depth, and the birth of more and more websites, so that every webmaster is more and more strongly aware of the pressure of network survival.

so-called timely grasp of the needs of Internet users, I think this is to see if you have a first-class eye and ability to grasp the opportunity. In a timely manner, that is, according to the form of social development and social characteristics of the time, or what major events in society, to make a judgment choice. Take the social emergencies, the 5.12 Wenchuan earthquake, Sanlu milk powder incident, the Beijing Olympic Games, the ongoing "God seven flying"… Wait。 Of course, not to say that if these sites are not built, these events are only a period of time, the key is to see if there is no development prospects. I think these unexpected events, as well as the hot topics of concern for people’s livelihood, no matter what the site should pay attention to. Because these are the urgent desire of Internet users to understand, is the demand of Internet users. Seize the current events, publicity to the site, to meet the needs of users psychological, but also reflects the social concern of the site.

we say that many websites appear to meet the needs of a community at a given time. Whether these demands can be sustained urgently requires our short accumulation and discovery of their new source of life.

of course, I talk about these also just some fur, specific operation or need webmaster each to fumble. After all, the ideas and patterns of each website have their own characteristics. To go what kind of road, the webmaster should have a spectrum.

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