From the designer’s point of view system development

has been developing a system for some time, and its functions have been confirmed by some customers, but it has been a big problem that the interface is not good, so the first two or three weeks have been devoted to improvement in this area. Face the design of N interface, N++ miscellaneous, broken, messy page arrangement, it is a headache really. Well, that’s all done. Sum up the busy two or three weeks.

first a brief overview of the system interface landscaping workflow

1: preparation stage, familiar with system related documents, have a general grasp of the system, not the design of dwelling; measure about summary page problems need to improve refinement; assessment, planning work time; people, change the staff clearly involved in the design, designers and developers.

2 phases: design, design, facilities and systems need to beautify the key interface specification, making; page layout display structure specification CSS; modify, participate in and guide the program developers to modify the page structure, in strict accordance with the standards of good, the process is quite complicated.

3, the review stage: investigation, such as the icon of the transparent background, pop-up box size and so on; remedial, manual for each interface simple operation, summarize the remedial problems submitted.

in fact, many programmers pay attention to product function development, but ignore the ease of use and beauty of the interface, leading to the development of rough and ugly products. They forget that system development is for human use, and that the inconvenience of operation is ugly and will not appeal to users. But if each development is to make the interface designer to make up, designers and programmers are tired. It is better to bring the presentation layer into the development schedule as soon as possible.

stands by the designer’s point of view to provide some suggestions for system development

1. Designers must be involved in system design.


the role of designers should not only on a single interface landscaping, conversely, if he does not understand the development of the system, his eyes will be very low, unable to stand in the height of the system overall design ideas, an interface Hyun can only solve the problem, can not solve the deeper problem. Mars thought it was probably the difference between an artist and a designer.

recently looked at the Jesse James Garrett user experience elements, which describes the five aspects of user experience (Figure): strategy layer, range layer, structure layer, frame layer, presentation layer. Mars appears in the first two level designers must fully understand, Mars in the development of this system is to ignore these two points, so that later make up the work, after the three level designers must be directly involved in the interface specification, etc.. In this case, the system design and development will be carried out according to "one" road, and will not take the "Z" road.

two, design system key page effect diagram


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