walked through the endless night of the nternet

in 2007, with the pioneers of courage, we from the middle of a less prosperous in the capital city of bud, with the dream of bigger and stronger, with the perspective of students attacked the young and ignorant of the employment information network media type. A new concept, but not proud achievements, one year time to catch up, never stop, but no achievements of the industry leader in the 1st Anniversary image, to the arrival of the flow is greatly reduced, has grown old.

just a year ago, it was a daring idea, a rash action that made my day miserable and unbearable. Originally I can take the Graduate Diploma in a small place for a young a secure job, but I did not like most of the students like to choose such a dull life, but a little network knowledge I learned in the University, set up their own website. Think of a long years ago, I was that I have boasted in high and vigorous spirits, the truth of "Win-win Theory", which allows customers to win in the market, and win customers. I have this self pride execution, I think in the Internet business on the road I will be able to plan and moving, moving quickly, ways to victory.

a year later, looking at this year through the difficult trail, I could not help tears trickling down cheeks. Apart from the fragmented Internet media dream, I have nothing. A year, a IP accumulation of flow with Baidu big master adjustment and less poor. Not earning money may not be my biggest hit. I can’t see the hope in the long night. It really makes me lose my way. But in the face of such a situation I have to do? I can responsibly say that this is not the end, it is not the result I want, in the face of the dark, sometimes I am afraid, but in fear I will be more strong, so I will not easily be defeated. Ma Yun said: "today is cruel, tomorrow even more cruel, the day after tomorrow is good, but many people are dead tomorrow night, can not see the day after tomorrow Chaoyang.".

thought here, as I stood again in the morning early in the morning, in the face of unpredictable tomorrow, will launch a new round of attack, the new mileage will also be pregnant with infinite variables, simple repetition of the past is certainly can not overcome the barriers of yesterday. Only by adjusting the pace, starting from the new concept, and drawing on new strength, can we get out of the predicament and realize the glory and dream of the winner.

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