New webmaster to do a new website a real experience and feelings

first of all, I’d like to say that I’m a new hand. But I know everyone has been the same as I am now, so maybe I will feel familiar with the things I write down. It’s been a month since my website has been working well. This month’s time, although always helpless, although mostly hard, but I also get a lot.

I remember, after the website is done, hang up the first day of the line, I became confused. I don’t know where to go. I first thought of the cat, and sent a publicity stick, and then waited for a long time, OK, did not pass. Well, don’t let me advertise, then I can always reply. So, normal replies, the post finally added to my site’s Web site, and soon, the effect on the pull out. From the cat came over a lot of IP, my heart that dark cool ah. But when I went there second days ago, I found my account had disappeared……

well, the mop has failed and I’m going to the end of the world. Where does everybody go?. Because my travel website, so I directly into the tourism sector of the world, a great deal of advertising paste. Hey, the administrator is not cover, do not have to wait second days, my account into the little black house, said to the end of 2009 to come here. I am angry, plan to register an account of the end of the world again, just discover to register the end of the world account, incredibly want money. Hey, unfortunately, I have so many years of the end of the old number, now can only see stickers can not reply.

Because and Tianya battle defeat, I was a little angry. Instead, I began to identify myself with spammers. I’ve been looking for three days and three nights to download a software that can send bulk mail, plus millions of email addresses. Good thing, what a good thing. I took the red eyes, began to use the home desktop computer and notebook computer with 24 swords when brush brush hair out. Then a few days later, I found that it didn’t give me any increase in traffic. Dog in the manger, why? I think that spam on the pain, I am ashamed to stop this behavior.


does not work, it does not work, what do I do? I look up the brush IP alliance. I didn’t expect it yet, but the IP alliance actually gave me such a bad result. The so-called brush IP alliance, is to a union website login your site, and then began to automatically brush other people’s Web site. You brush others, others also brush you, so that everyone is not happy, and are real IP. In practice, it won’t work. First of all, many league site production is incomplete, from the IP entrance point of view, you can still notice that you are implemented on an alliance site. And from the PV, the whole world has brought you IP, and these IP operations are only 1 PV, so that the search engine will immediately judge you, this is cheating. That’s why my Google has dropped from more than 1000 pages to 500300100, 50, and finally to 7 pages. I was really going crazy

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