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toilet on the side, I dull looking ahead, while cheap cigarettes enunciate. Four years of university life in the northwest, let me a "Crazy" graceful posture who embarked on a desolate operation journey. Site operators in the entire Internet Ecosystem in the workplace like a fox, cunning and helpless survival in the crevice. "The whole world is like an empty tooth, and Maki Ki doesn’t feel anything, just when the wind comes, there are some aches and pains."."

accidentally enter the Internet circle for 6 years, this can have more choices: product, market, network marketing… But my first time to the Internet business, too early to appreciate the operation of Zhitiao Zhang: every day watching because of their own efforts to double the flow growth, when the rapid rise in sales, I suddenly found that digital drive life is unrestrained. So until now, I have been in various forms of products for me with the idea of operating the electricity supplier: all Internet products form monetization, and this is I still in operation on Italy, the reason just fly.

‘s desire to operate free

many predecessors warned me: "the workplace water is very deep, we must stand firm and hold hands, do not hand the door, so as not to risk.". It is working with mixed muddle along, the workplace is instead of mixed state. This sentence has some truth, big operations are people’s career operations, of course, the more mellow, the better. It is bad when I have the spirit of cleanliness, everything is too perfect. Socially successful people like me, a person who likes to torture themselves, hit a tag: virgo. Hit by chance. So in the 6 years of operation career, August autumn wind howling, roll my house on the three mao. Often at the time of the meeting, see CEO, CEO, quasi discussion governors, quasi governors climax, while they can finish difficult to shoot, that block, as the Beijing traffic. So, there are two times, my anger, trembling took the Dragon Saber, directly Kanxiang tall. Then I waited for "go west". And the two time was out of my expectation, and I couldn’t help being driven away, but instead I gained the right to operate independently. Executives seem to find my "aspirations Hulu meat meal hunger beast" tolerate my monkeys. So, the two time, I am proud to have such a leader, and won the right to operate at the same time more Piganlidan, like a raging fire.

later, I understand, in the Internet circles, and then a big, not because of a concern with people and products or irritable heart murder. Now, I’m more is the solution for soft, and no longer surprises".

operators need to rely on themselves to strive for the initiative, which is a kind of beauty, the beauty of this operation, to both our calligraphy and calligraphy of Pang Zhonghua’s toughness and rigidity flexibility.


remember, junior high school dropout mountain sheep holding "Lisao" back to Beijing for the first time, the job can recite fluently from memory without the door forced on the bridge at night, Nanjing > signature design

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