University Master where is your way

has participated in the Shandong Internet Conference a week later, the University master network dragging young footsteps slowly forward, there are many in consultation, I will continue to consult. An exchange, a harvest.

very happy, Daxue163 was Baidu soon included, keyword "College webmaster" is expected to be ranked in the top three in Baidu, which is a long-term concern Daxue163 a net friend told me. I am very pleased, Daxue163 from 05 until now at least four revision, each corresponding revision are members of the lost and sad have no way, only hate yourself as.

In fact, many college students

webmaster like me, hold online seemingly valuable CMS, every day of the template, once the research is to think when you can, some crazy injection, some crazy horse, let a person from hope to despair directly. Many college students are not trained, webmaster, no professional theoretical system, only a person in the dark road. Sometimes happy, sometimes quiet, everything is so natural and no rules.

met a netizen in Wuhan by Shandong grass-roots internet qq group yesterday, looks a good model, but suffer from their own technology, only in the garbage station on the edge of head while another side listened to Liu Huan’s "come back". In fact, he can find venture capital VC, his explanation makes sense: VC project is the premise to appreciate the capabilities of CEO, and an excellent CEO to have a perfect team, which is also called "Tang Ma team" in the material life of the society, I am a person, it is difficult to feed. How to convince a team


a lot of times, it seems that college students are lonely, others do not understand, their actions caused by depression, a person can not be sought on the edge of struggle. This is the grassroots, with admin build their legendary network of people.

really do not know, these are only college level webmaster, in the end will adhere to how long?. In fact, I am also confused. Where is the road? The road is on the WWW. It is because of this, there are a vast number of puzzling college students, webmaster, I realized that from a heart as a regional gateway out of the idea. Decided to return to the starting point, go back to my Daxue163, and strive to build a community of college students on the webmaster. Study together, work hard together and make progress together.

has an idea sounds a little tell some fantastic tales. Prepare for the 2008 annual grassroots college students’ meeting held on December 21, 2008. Want to do more services, more people, more people, more people. I would like to take out a sincere face of everyone, always win 2008 brilliant smile.

December 21st is the winter solstice of 2008. We will explore a brand new topic in Shandong, Ji’nan: University Master, you >

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