Do stand such as life webmaster also have a generous heart

in the network age, a lot of new network technology constantly enrich our eyes, network to feed a group of people, but also to a number of people down here, the network is good or bad of course to see everyone how to use it


we do the webmaster is the network resource is fully utilized to obtain the corresponding benefits, it is on the web site to make money, no station is in the service of the people do not make money, of course, when the acquisition of interests, or to the user experience to do good, not only to earn money and gain a good reputation.

why do you stand as a human being?

The overall

1. website is like the person you face, you always do not put your site inside out of order to affect the entire site effect and clean it, always take your site looks simple and clean for collocation, this website will give people a comfortable feeling.

2. the content of the website is like the connotation of yourself, others and you can know your meaning and accomplishment from verbal conversation, all my friends love to culture and the connotation of the people, who did not always love to make some small hunhun loafers or something.

3. is the most important point, if your friend is not generous, very stingy, you will love? Do you think this generous and stingy man can mix in the circle of friends? Everywhere to pay attention to is not itself a disadvantage, how to make such a cheap. I hate the most is, do not know what other webmaster.

I also want to say what the main

webmaster webmaster all hate, what all the owners fear, hate is hard to write your original content posted to their website, or like A5, your own search engine has not been included immediately, A5 has been included, but the back of your article with a link to your site, so your article reached the effect, but the most important is the other webmaster, to copy and paste your article to wholly intact his own website, but your link to delete, sadly others site weight higher than you, of course, he also reproduced in the past immediately included, so in your stand above you all the original, in the search engine’s eyes become fake, and theft of several sites of your article will become genuine Do you think such experiences make you feel annoyed?

In fact, all

webmaster can think about it, why not willing to add connection to others? If your weight given to others? In fact, your post with a pair of SEO optimized connection is good, why? This question is stupid, if I really do not know how to say you don’t know it. Because your site links are links, no outbound links, so the optimization of SEO is harmful, the harm I will not say, you look up to Baidu. For one thing, if you think your site exports more links, it will lower the weight or other factors, then you >

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