First build site two first single last

said some of the early course of the books I learn jsp (see, the middle of the hard, I think only the programmer can understand, of course, have fun, conquer happiness. When you learn some knowledge, can let them run normally, serve for oneself, is the happiest time. It’s the most painful thing to search for when you are depressed. Talk about other things, when I was in high school when I chose the arts and science, I should have chosen the liberal arts, and I would be very interested in the arts. But the attraction of science, I finally chose science, but later results are not ideal.

when I had some control over JSP, I started looking for something to do, where to find it, and I went to the nearby electronics city. Because I have a friend in the shop to the electronic city, electronic city, chat with him, went to 3, met my first customer, he said to do, oh, so my first single is settled.


, it’s very tortuous. Take your time,

I asked the client for information about the website. The client asked me to find one of his secretaries. I looked for her and asked her for information. He said he wanted to wait. Well, I’ll wait, waited for 2 days, I ask, say again, so I waited for more than a week, or to wait a moment, I finally asked, how long to wait, the Secretary said he was busy, wait a month, I’ll wait for you a month.

during this period have nothing to do, how to do, depressed for 2 days, finally want to come out of ideas, give people a website, people use the website that you do business, I can give myself to do business on their own web site, where their own business, should be able to do it, after all, he has a technology. At least you can master all the technology of your website, you can know my website well. What station do you do? I don’t know. I went to the online search related online, see people put ads on the site can earn money, good, do. Look at the good sites in this line, see the article, referring to a foreign marriage website do well, Google ads do best the world, to the site a look, oh, very simple thing, then look at the introduction of his articles, ha ha, this website author like me. Is at the beginning of the language learning website of the exercises, do this point, badly, then I can imitate it, ha ha, good start. Just do what he does. At the beginning, I did only the registration interface, my QQ group 23838269 friends are witnesses, I let them test my website every day, really hard for them, here, thank them.

at this stage, I am in the QQ group into a webmaster, just entered, it does not adapt, not one of my fitness, I have seen a lot of people do not have to, why, most of the advertising to.

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