First video you let the webmaster how to trust you

first video, you let the webmaster how to trust you 10 hours 8 minutes before

it is the webmaster, as it is a commercial web site within the technical staff, and is responsible for the union of this income, our website is a commercial site in the area can be regarded as a comprehensive portal, in the province has a market share of. The union I have done for nearly 4 years, Google Adsense customers, Baidu alliance members, YAHOO, Sina, tixa, Ali’s mother, a fine have cooperation, and these alliances can be said that cooperation is very happy, even some of the alliance is no place to put the AD, and also customer contact to maintain a good relationship with friends, but until the first video collaboration: the first video, you know its reputation in the industry, not Weakness lends wings to rumours.

at the end of 2007, by a friend, know the first video, rare CPM alliance, our website focused on several traffic channels around ip12w, PV to 52W, the original video for the first account (uyear) can be said to be very successful, as several two level domain name applied to the code, I am not cheating. Because in this website, I don’t need to cheat, not personal income, is a company, it is necessary to cheat? Well, get it, I put it in the first half year after the video to tell you.

first thing:

has been in front of that code, I try to apply to the nature from the leadership to the advertising, with friends and colleagues in the pressure test phase (you should know, this video is a kind of great harm, but in order to gain in user experience, I have been using Cookies technology to strictly control the frequency). The first two months are also good, although the provisions of the league and 8 yuan /Kip playing is there quantity is suspected, but the daily 250 yuan to 310 yuan of income should be passable, but with the passage of time, gradually falling down, and this time is the first video a period of rapid development. The third month income is less than 200 yuan, but we know that in the end of February pornographic incident revealed about 200W IP website we receive from the search engine traffic per month, but the income is still down slowly. At this point, I began to believe that the volume of the legend began to believe a bit, but in the attitude of the collaborators, did not go too far doubt its authenticity, after all, may be the effectiveness of the standard broadcast.

(who doubts, but does not wish to be wronged)

second things:

3, April, to second time payment period, we are the enterprise payment account, it is natural to invoice, because the monthly, monthly invoice to express to Beijing, we were on the first video credibility is quite reliable, we propose a bimonthly payment way, this way although, we pushed myself to a position of high risk, "

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