How much love can be done again give up at the end of five

, I’m with a lot of poor webmasters. Also born in the countryside. Although life is getting better now. But rural people that didn’t change the integrity. Used to stand as a station. I bought a house. Took the wife. Now, there are children, too. But in the face of the Internet now. Face family. Face society. Think of an old song. How much love can be repeated?. So I had to give up the station.

I got in on 1999. Wuhan polytechnic. A year later. Met some friends. Since then, I have been in touch with the internet. The Internet wasn’t popular at that time. There are not many Internet cafes. Yes, there are only small ones. 10 or so machines. And it’s always full of people. In order to access the internet. When there is no class. We all go first to take up the position. Take good place. First comes a star. Ha-ha。 Now think of it. Full of fun.

because we are majoring in computer science. School computer room. At that time is not even the kind of mouse. Every day is programming. Reprogramming. This life lasted 1 years.

03 years, Internet cafes became popular. The basic school every day is out in the night. The first website I created with my classmates then. With regard to student exams. The program is joe. Because of these resources, our school has. Every day we take our school papers. Data. Print. Hit in one word at a time. 2 months later. The site is almost finished. And then there’s the promotion. As for school, we posted flyers to their door at night.

is network promotion. Post ads and stuff like that. At that time, the hair of these basically no man. After a few months. IP10000 or so. At that time, the flow of acid is good. There was also a lot of passion. This made half a rash and too much in haste.

suddenly got a phone call 04 years ago. It’s from a school. Say see our website. Want to talk about cooperation?. At first we were shocked. Still a little scared. Because when you start building. Not talking about making money or anything. Pure interest. After talking about. They can jump up to 50W. Together, the last half of the site, the site developed into a purely commercial nature. Now think back to that time of cooperation. They just want to buy it. Finally, I came out with some of my classmates. Of course I got the money.

After graduation students Gebendongxi

. At that time, I was assigned to an Internet company. The Internet at that time was a particular fire. During this period, I began to do the station. The first thing I did was GG. And some local commercial promotions. 05 years half a year. 5 stations earned nearly 8W. I thought I was crazy at that time. In order to stop. You can sleep for days and nights.

, 06 years from now. The Internet is beginning to shrink, too. Own regular station. Not getting any income. So it’s only the garbage station. These 2 years. Talking about garbage stations. May say >

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