Let regional information networks no longer be a single way to make money

many webmaster build local information network, almost all by selling advertising to make money, in fact, as long as we move more brains, money making way will have a lot of

describes several methods below,

1. sells ad positions,

advertising picture ads and text ads, this site is very popular to advance, almost no one to buy. We need the site in the development of late May, according to the local economic ability is different, different positions, each advertising price is different, the general price in 300–5000/, this is a a large income of local information network.

2. soft advertising

if I advertise, I will choose the soft Wen advertisement, first of all, he has good effect, from the customer’s point of view to evaluate the shop, disguised as shop advertising, but also let you more understanding of the shop, enterprise. Such advertising can be charged according to the annual fee, you can also check according to the number of times, the specific fees according to the situation of each site to decide.

3. included enterprise and store information

we can collect information businesses, fees for each business shop, advance website development time can take this form, can ease the webmaster upfront investment in advertisement, can also increase the amount of information for the site, a lot of enterprises because the shop area, at the beginning of the website just in the development stage, the price is not recommended in 50 is too high. Yuan / home charge 100 stores is 50*100=5000 yuan, can any businesses afford for 50 yuan, the price according to the needs of the site, the local economy, the local area network competition, and the owners of the business communication ability to decide, if the owners do not have good communication skills, suggestions to hire a general, looking for a beautiful girl to do this business will have a good effect.

4. provides information services

want to understand the local information for people to provide information services, we can use a Mobile Corporation Fetion to give users the latest information released, Fetion information is free, but users of Web site each month to charge a small fee information, the method can be convenient for users, but also can improve the viscosity of the website, increase visibility.

5., in partnership with businesses, launched a discount card


has been used by many people, in cooperation with a number of local businesses. The website printed discount cards, discount cards to customers to businesses can enjoy the discount business, this business can improve the popularity of the website, increase the store customers, at the same time the website can also sell this card.

6. opens network mall


is now online shopping is very popular, but most people still remain in the concept of online shopping, not a poor quality safety degree, after entering the mid site, can open an online mall, sell when >

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