How does the local gateway promote and focus on different stages

1, initial promotion of

2, mid term promotion

3, the promotion of late door

* * * all should do the necessary preparation before the promotion, otherwise, promotion is not practical, ***

first, the initial promotion of

purpose: to raise awareness, began to gradually increase the local users of the site’s attention,

Description: portal initial stage, the quality of the content of the site is not high, the site’s application service did not realize, this time publicity is mainly to improve the exposure of the site. The purpose is for Internet users to know us.

, at the same time, allies must understand that portal promotion can only be icing on the cake in terms of portal content, and will always be supporting roles. So in the promotion before, must do the site packaging and site content update mechanism. Just like opening the door to do business, publicity can only bring us customers, but whether customers can stay, it depends on the real products and services.

promotion: * on behalf of the recommended


2.1 DM



name card promotion2.3.

propaganda leaflets

2.4 other advertising media.

doesn’t cost money:

2.1 with event publicity assumes

.With the help of publicity activities.


2.3 * * *

propaganda cooperation

2.4 (2008) propaganda personnel.


2.5, Links chain assumes

2.6 QQ group promotion assumes

initial publicity, mainly to spend money, supplemented by spending

two, mid term promotion

purpose: to increase a site’s content point application or key business breakthrough

Description: at this stage, the company’s business preparation period has passed, we have begun to determine the content point and business point, this time the publicity is mainly for service content points and business point implementation.

the purpose of publicity is to improve the content of the exposure and input transformation ratio, such as our publicity real estate channel, so after the promotion real estate channel information is obviously improved, or advertising after the customer purchase intention is enhanced and so on.


2.1 DM propaganda assumes


name card promotion


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